PEI PFK Spot and Projection MFDC Inverter Energy saving 3Phase

PEI PFK Spot and Projection MFDC Inverter Energy saving 3Phase

Product: 18798

Brand: Pei

Model: MFDC Inverter

Condition: New

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  • Three-phase (MFDC) power supply Constant current regulation welders with HP400/HP1000 Inverter Source
  • PX1700PRO Controls MFDC Welding control Save energy when going towards the inverter
  • Heavy duty frame construction guarantees minimal flexing even with high electrode forces
  • Compact and modular design for both manual and automatic applications
  • Can be fitted with twin heads
  • Main transformer, platens and electrode holders fully water cooled
  • PY800 control on MFDC machines
  • Adjustable double stroke cylinders (on request
  • Pneumatic circuit for low force approach or with program pressure (on request)
  • Two-hand safety control on pedestal separated from the machine (projection model),Lower platen for projection welding
  • Adjustable double stroke cylinder Ø 125-100mm stroke magnetic 735daN, Double force cylinder Ø 125-100mm magnetic 1200daN ,Cylinder Ø 125-100mm magnetic 1900daN
  • Proportional Regulator 1/2", Pair of arm holders with Ø 60mm brass arms and electrode holders taper 20,
  • Pair of electrode holder support with electrode holders Ø 30mm taper 20,Electric foot switch with cable L=1,5 mt (for useful depth 270/450/560/750mm)
  • MEDIUM duty cycle Cooling unit for Inverter spot welders

Package Includes:

  • 12 month warranty
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