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Let us never forget NHS staff

This letter shows the kindness of NHS staff no matter what their role is. We wanted to give something back to any of the key-workers helping us out during the Pandemic so jumped at the chance to donate our own … Continue reading

CNC Plasma – Machine of the Week

ProArc CNC multi fuel cutting system with choice Hypertherm Plasma for sale from stock in Leicestershire, UK

Should I mechanise the welding process?

We get often get asked “should I mechanise my welding production”? Mechanised welding – Welding in which the welding parameters are controlled mechanically or electronically and may be manually varied during welding to maintain the required welding position.

Why calibrate your welding machine?

To guarantee that the quality of your welding equipment is up to scratch you will need to, in the long term, regularly calibrate them. Calibration is a measurement process that assigns values to the property of an artifact or to … Continue reading

Will we recognise a welding school after lockdown?

Collaboration between training centres and colleges could be key to Covid-19 risk assessments and subsequent preparation. As we know, already we have a global shortage of skilled welders and surely that level will only deteriorate if social distancing becomes the … Continue reading

What is Steel Fabrication?

Did you know that steel is one of the most widely used materials in construction and has been for a while now? Where is steel used? Steel is used in and out of our homes, in fact almost everywhere you … Continue reading

How to sell your used equipment online

As a business you probably have an accumulation of professional machinery and equipment? Here are some selling tips to help clear out. An accumulation of professional machinery and equipment creates a problem as they take up space that could have … Continue reading

Which Plasma cutter should I buy?

A questions often asked is – should I get the Powermax30 Air model or the Powermax30XP plasma cutter? Question. Would I have enough supply air to operate the Powermax30 XP with a 75 litre compressor? I want to use this … Continue reading

Miller Electric to the rescue

In challenging times, you need to stand up and fight for survival. We have coping strategies which probably differ between our business and personal lives. Digital technology has change how we continue to remain engaged with our customers. I love … Continue reading


Feel Helpless? We did too. How could we say THANK YOU to the heroes Like me, I am sure you’ve sat at home wondering how you can make a difference in the uncertain and frightening times that surrounds you? Our … Continue reading

Covid-19 Q & A

During these difficult times we want to keep our customers and suppliers up to date with our company plans for the immediate future. I WANT TO VIEW A MACHINE Our premises are now closed to visitors however, we will happily … Continue reading

We’re here to help

After a week of or so of national lock-down we are settling down into a new rhythm at Westermans International but want to share our current plans with our customers and suppliers to ease any concerns.