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Used Meritus Spot Welders | Meritus Welding Seam Welders For Sale

British design and made Resistance welding and Spot welding equipment from Meritus.  These are for sale use and refurbished from stock.

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Meritus is a long established name in the field of resistance welding and spot welding.

The British manufacturer built machines, engineered to normal high British standard and we are pleased to offer used and refurbished models.

These videos give a very clear, concise picture of the welding techniques the Meritus brand offers.  
The first two videos are supplied by TWI The Welding Institue in England is certainly the best source worldwide for all welding information, technical know-how, case studies and projects.   



View the range of Seam welders or Spot welders here

Spot welders
  Meritus RS Pedal type resistance spot welder
Suitable for high speed continuous welding
Available as 15, 30 and 50kVA versions
An adjustable gap selector gives a choice of three different electrode gaps
Fitted with MTR 50 weld control
Meritus MS and MSP 30 - 50kva pedal type operated spot welder
        Ideal for small to medium sized workshops
High performance capability
Suitable for mounting tooling for projection welding.
Choice of either vertically adjustable lower knee with T-slot platen or a round arm.
Double high lift, low force approach available as option
Meritus 10-150kva air operated resistance spot welding machine
        Ideal for high speed continuous duty
Available as 15, 30, 50, 75, 100 and 150kVA versions.
Fitted with MTR50 or WS500 weld control
High lift - low force approach as standard
Variable speed longitudinal or circumferential seam welding attachment available as option.
An electrode cushion control eliminates 'hammer blow'
Butt welders
Projection welders
Seam welders
Wire Mesh welders
Uniman universal wire welding machine
Designed as a complete wire welding workshop for prototype models and flexible small batch production facility. Cross wire welding, Butt welding, Tee butt welding
A modular resistance welding system developed for medium to high volume production of flat or profiled panels using pre-cut length wire.
Ideal for
  oven and microwave shelves
merchandise display shelves
supermarket trolleys
shop equipment
drainer and freezer baskets
refrigerator shelves
barbecue griddles
animal cages and pens
Fleximan Flexible CNC semi cross wire welding machine
A brand new modular series of semi-automatic crosswire (and resistance spot welding) machines for maximum flexibility in welding flat or profiled panels.
Ideal for
  animal cages
oven and refrigerator shelves
display panels
shop merchandising equipment
fan guards
drainer and freezer baskets
barbecue grills
bed mesh
ventilator grills


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