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Established in 1939, Sciaky, Inc. is the most trusted provider of advanced welding systems and job shop welding services in the fabrication market.

The company provides a wide selection of electron beam welders, electron beam additive manufacturing (EBAM®) solutions and advanced arc welders makes them the most versatile welding solutions supplier on the planet.

We buy and sell Used Spot and Seam welding equipment from Sciaky and have written a helpful guide to spot welding if you are looking to learn more about this process? 

Used and Refurbished Sciaky Electric Welding Machines bought and sold

Manufacturing welding machines in the UK since 1934, Sciaky are world-renowned in all aspects of resistance welding, seam welding and spot welding.

Specialists in Automobile resistance welding, pioneering the resistance welding of Aluminium Alloys to demanding aerospace standards and developed machines with capability to weld Light Alloys and Heat-resisting materials for aero engines. Also providing automatic assembly resistance welders and robot welding solutions to the Automobile industry.

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Aerospace Welding Machines

Early pioneers of resistance welding equipment and techniques to spot weld heat-treatable Aluminium Alloys which were becoming popular in airframe construction; they made resistance spot welding machines operating on the ‘stored-energy’ system. These could produce the very high secondary currents needed to spot weld the very low-resistance materials and at the same time apply a very fast forging force to consolidate the weld nuggets and satisfy the demanding standards required for airborne fabrications.

Automotive Welding

A typical car body can have upwards of 3,000 resistance spot and projection welds, some on sub-assemblies and some in final body assembly; in the early days large quantities of standard pedestal and portable spot and seam welders were used, each requiring an operator.

Increase in production brought a need for special machines which could make a number of welds on an assembly, using a single operator; Sciaky were at the forefront in developing multi-spot welding machines, often with automatic loading/unloading and transfer mechanisms

Other Industries

Sciaky supply resistance welding machines to a wide range of industries and have become familiar with their specific and varied requirements, in fact if you join materials in metal or produce wire goods we have probably already provided a solution to your production needs.

Materials that we can accommodate, each requiring particular techniques :

  • Mild or high-strength steels, clean or zinc-coated
  • Stainless steels, martensitic and austenitic
  • Titanium
  • Heat-resistant and refractory alloys: Nimonics, Hastelloys etc
  • Aluminium and Magnesium Alloys

Typical Industries could include

  • Aerospace and Automobiles
  • Nuclear and Naval: power cell grids, waste product containers, ship-borne furniture
  • Domestic appliances: Cooker bodies and ovens, Refrigerator cases and compressors, Kettle bodies
  • Wire goods: Point-of-sale displays, Refrigerators & Oven Shelves, Racks, Shopping baskets & trolleys
  • Concrete reinforcement: Welded grids, heavy rebar panels
  • Metal Furniture: Office desks, Filing cabinets, Shelving, Chairs
  • Supermarket shelving: Shelves with omega reinforcement underneath, Support brackets
  • Metal grids: For ships, refineries, spray plants
  • Modular flooring: For computer installations – panels and supports

Sciaky undertake Welding Machine Design and Welding Machine Manufacture.

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