Challenges And Innovations In The Welding Industry Today

Innovations and Challenges in 2016

Welding is used in the fabrication process of manufacturing and repairing of metal products.


The process can be used in space, air and underwater as well. Welding has wide-ranging applications including bridge construction, building construction, automotive and aerospace. It is also used in the renewable energy industry, manufacturing industry, marine and defence among others.

Industries prefer welding fabrication processes over brazing and soldering as it is a more efficient fabrication process. Resulting in higher product strength and reduced production costs.

The total impact of welding process on the metal industry can be calculated by the total value of the parts manufactured by this process.

Welding Equipment Market.

The major equipment used in welding include welding machines, welding wires, cutting products, electrodes & filler metals, gases, welding automation equipment and robotic welders.

The slow growth of aerospace, defence and ship building industries in the recent years is a challenge to the growth of welding equipment market.
An increased emphasis on welding efficiency is leading to the growth in demand for highly efficient welding technologies and products.

Is the Industry witnessing change?

The global welding equipment market is witnessing a shift from manual welding to automatic welding. Automation of the welding process, with the help of automation software and development of such automatic welding management software, is a key technology trend amongst the industry players.
Semi-Automated welding equipment includes Robots, Welding Positioners, Lathe type welders and Progammable orbital welding equipment.

The Welding equipment market is segmented on the basis of technology, equipment, end-user industry and geography. Arc welding equipment and oxy-fuel welding and cutting are the two major segments of welding market on the basis of technology. Arc welding segment is further sub-segmented into gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), submerged arc welding (saw), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), flux-cored arc welding (FCAW) and shielded metal arc welding (SMAW).  Further oxy-fuel welding and cutting segment is sub-segmented into ultrasonic welding (USW), laser beam welding (LBW) and resistance welding (RW), among others.

Welding equipment usage.

The End-user industries in the welding equipments market is sectored into automotive and transportation industry, energy industry and the construction industry. As well as process industry, ship-building industry, agricultural and mining equipment and heavy machinery industry among others. Welding has a major contribution in the manufacturing of the household products such as dishwashers, kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, and other similar products.

See a list of the many types of Welding and Cutting machines sold today

Supplying Used and Refurbished machinery for decades, we have seen trends come and go depending on the buoyancy of industrial sectors, government elections and technology developments.   The recent plummet in barrel prices has had a major effect on most manufacturing companies and those indirectly involved.  This is a global situation and countries such as Nigeria whose main revenue was from the oil fields are suffering greatly.

Turn it to Your Advantage

With a slump in manufacturing there are Welders and CNC plasma cutting systems that are now unused and redundant.  Fabrication workshop owners of this second-hand plant could quickly release the value of their equipment if only they were introduced to us.

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World map oil fields small

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Do you see a different view of the welding industry? Then your feedback is welcome.

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