UK Made Welding Positioners in Stock for Quick Delivery

Investing in a welding positioner will help to improve the efficiency and safety of your welding applications.
They allow for work pieces to be mounted and rotated or tilted easily, meaning welders are free to concentrate on welding and not having to manoeuvre around to get into the correct position.
This reduces the time and effort needed by the welder to complete the job, improving productivity and bottom line.

These British made welding positioners are a superior piece of machinery to complete the manipulation of the welding workpiece.
Complete with a 12 month warranty, you get peace of mind knowing you have a reliable machine with after sales service to match.

  • British Made 3000kg welding positioner
  • UK made 3000kg welding positioner
  • 3 tonne welding positioner uk
  • 5000kg welding positioner UK manufactured
  • British made 5 tonne welding positioner
  • UK manufactured 1000kg welding positioner
  • 1000kg British made welding positioner

WestWorld 1000kg Positioner Specifications:

  • Load capacity 1000kgs @ 300mm c.o.g. & 100mm eccentricity.
  • Table diameter: 900mm.
  • Tilting capacity: 135º.
  • Rotating capacity: 360º.
  • Table rotation speed: 0.1 – 1.2 RPM.
  • Table tilting speed: 60 seconds through 135º.
  • Table machined with concentric circular markings and 4 off 18mm (M16) slots

Full details and photos available here.

WestWorld 3000kg Welding Positioner Specifications:

  • Load capacity 3000kgs @ 300mm c.o.g. & 150mm eccentricity.
  • Table diameter: 1200mm
  • Tilting capacity: 135º.
  • Rotating capacity: 360º.
  • Rotation speed: 0.1 – 1.0 RPM.

Click here for full details and specifications.

WestWorld 5000kg Welding Positioner Specifications:

  • Load capacity : 5000kgs @ 300mm c.o.g. & 200mm eccentricity.
  • Table diameter : 1500mm.
  • Tilting capacity: 135º.
  • Rotation capacity: 360º.
  • Rotation speed : 0.1 – 1.0 RPM.
  • Tilting speed : 100 seconds through 135º.
  • Table machined with concentric circular markings and 4 off 22mm (M20) slots.

Click here for full specifications and to make an enquiry.

All of the above machines are supplied with a low voltage remote pendant control, offering forward/stop/reverse, tilt-up/tilt-down push buttons. Plus a variable speed potentiometer connected to the control panel.

Machines are equipped with efficient built-in earthing (800 amps) and mounted on pre-loaded cross-roll bearing. Table rotation fitted with AC motor and controlled by inverter suitable for 380 to 440V, 3 phase supply.

As well as the above, we have a 10,000kg unit due in shortly – check out all the details here or see it in operation on YouTube.

We offer shipping and handling Worldwide on all of our equipment, find out more here and check out this case study from one of our International friends.

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