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Shenyang Welding Equipment Company, China

Shenyang order additional Orbital Systems

Used AMI 207 orbital welding



Orbital welding equipment, which typically provides tube-to-tube fusion welding, is highlighted by Westermans as one of the main types of unit supplied.  

Providing high quality results, Westermans can supply systems to accommodate tube welding needs to match diverse dimensions and materials, all at a fraction of the cost of comparable new equipment.

The result is savings which Shenyang Welding Equipment can then pass on to its own customers, thus enhancing its competitiveness.


Why Westermans was Chosen

AMI units have proven to be particularly popular in the Asian market and have become a key element of the supply service to Shenyang Welding Equipment.

The benefits associated with the buying refurbished welding equipment from Westermans International Ltd is not only a cost effective one but one where the supply of two units was met within just 20 days - half the time required for a new unit to have been made available directly by the manufacturer.  We have developed an excellent working relationship with Westermans International and our contact there Jess Partner. 

"Westermans are not only able to provide highly cost effective machines but also a professional service and advice from which we have benefited from the beginning of our relationship,” comments Link Lee at Shenyang Welding Equipment Company.

The Company

Shenyang China



Shenyang Welding Equipment Company in Shenyang sells and leases a long list of new and refurbished pipe engineering tools and machinery to industries ranging from semi-conductor manufacturing to the pharmaceutical sector.

AMI units have proven to be particularly popular in the Asian market and have become a key element of our supply service to Shenyang Welding Equipment,” continues Claire Spillane. “In all cases, we were able to react very quickly to the company’s ordering needs – and, of course, those of its markets – which itself can often be as important as the savings in cost that can be achieved.

Sectors in China for Orbital Welding

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The Orbital Welding process is now used in many Industrial sectors where Pipe and Tubes need to be welded together, either pipe to pipe, tube to tube or tube to sheet plate; the equipment joins pipes to each other and to fittings using filler wire.

Orbital pipe and tube welding equipment is used primarily in power plants, refineries, offshore oil platforms, boiler construction, ship-building, pharmaceutical, dairy, breweries and similar industries.

Benefits of Orbital Welding

Orbital welding first found use in early 1960 when the aerospace industry recognized the need for a superior joining technique for aircraft hydraulic lines. The solution: a mechanism to rotate a welding arc from a tungsten electrode around a tube-weld joint.
Regulating weld current with a control system automated the entire process.
The result was a more precise, reliable method than manual welding. Orbital welding uses the gas-tungsten-arc-welding (GTAW) process as the source of the electric are that melts the base material and forms the weld.
During GTAW an electric arc forms between a tungsten electrode and the work piece. To initiate the arc, an RF or high-voltage signal will ionize the shielding gas to generate a path for the weld current.
A capacitor dumps current into the arc to reduce are voltage to a point where the power supply can regulate. The power supply responds to the demand and provides current to maintain the arc.

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