How to increase welding productivity with a positioner

Positioners are beneficial for welders: they add ergonomic working comfort and ensure a safer working environment.

welding positioner with pendant

Additionally, using a positioner increases welding productivity by as much as 70% providing the quickest means of both rotating and tilting through 360 degrees while allowing maximum access to the workpiece.

The fact that work-pieces can be adjusted to the best possible down hand welding positions makes this achievable.

Load Testing

Typical applications for heavy duty positioners

Automated welding of heavy thick-walled dish ends

Cladding of pressure vessel components

Narrow gap and tandem narrow gap welding stations of thick-walled pressure vessels

Foundations for wind energy plants

Propeller housings, winches, and other shipbuilding and offshore industry components

Abbott pressure vessels

What is involved in the welding process

The welding process involves a sequence of operations which includes presenting the workpiece to the welding device (or vice versa), creating relative motion between the workpiece and the welding device, controlling the welding process, eg speed, direction, current, etc, and re-positioning the workpiece for the next weld.

Automated welding is defined as automatically controlling the relative movement between the welding head and workpiece. Automatic welding is used with variety of welding process including metal inert gas (MIG), tungsten inert gas (TIG) and submerged arc welding (SAW).

welding process on positioner
TIG set up on welding positioner with cold wire feed

The main benefits attributed to automated welding are improved economy derived from faster cycle times and consistent quality due to reduced level of weld defects from a more precise control of the welding process.

On the down side, welding geometry tends to be restricted to simple straight lines, and setting time is increased.

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