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Should I mechanise the welding process?

We get often get asked “should I mechanise my welding production”? Mechanised welding – Welding in which the welding parameters are controlled mechanically or electronically and may be manually varied during welding to maintain the required welding position.

How to increase welding productivity with a positioner

Positioners are beneficial for welders: they add ergonomic working comfort and ensure a safer working environment. Additionally, using a positioner increases welding productivity by as much as 70% providing the quickest means of both rotating and tilting through 360 degrees … Continue reading

Wind Tower Turbine Changes

Manufacturers had the need to go large for industrial-scale renewable energy from wind turbines. Maybe creating other environmental issues? The Fabrication Requirements for Wind Tower and Turbine Manufacturing are changing. The Netherlands is a country famous for its windmills GE … Continue reading

Bigger and Better Things in Welding

Westermans are heading into Bigger and Better Things What does this mean I hear you ask? Quite simply we now have a new Division concentrating on:- Hi-Tech Welding Solutions Modern Technology Semi Automated Welding Systems