If You’re Considering Mechanising Your Welding, This is for You!

We get often get asked “should I mechanise my welding production”?

Mechanised welding – Welding in which the welding parameters are controlled mechanically or electronically, and may be manually varied during welding to maintain the required welding position.

And sometimes you shouldn’t, but by automating your production process, great things can happen. For example, improve your welders ergonomics, increase your productivity and achieve better quality results. What does all this mean? You earn more money by greatly reducing your costs.

This decision to automate may be met with some hesitation. The truth, however, is that mechanisation still requires the irreplaceable welding expertise of skilled workers.

Manufacturers of mechanised and automated welding equipment include ESAB, Gullco, Bugo, Air Liquide and Lincoln.

Key Applications/Industries:

  • Ship and offshore yards.
  • Ship and barge building.
  • Structural steel fabrication.
  • Bridge construction/rail repair.
  • Industrial and general fabrication.
Gullco Kat tractor

Using mechanised solutions enables you to eliminate problems and improve ergonomics.
We supply a choice of new or used mechanised welding system including the ESAB Miggytrac and Gullco KAT tractors and carriages.


Many mechanised solutions are easy to install and operate, having almost no learning curve. You can simply increase your productivity with more arc time and less down time.
Offering higher deposition rates and less rework by optimising your processes, means one operator can often control multiple machines.
Not only does this offer a better return on your labour, but with the ongoing global pandemic, social distancing is easy to achieve.


Safety of your workforce is the number one priority these days. Reduce your welders’ exposure to heat, UV radiation, gas fumes and static workload. A good welder needs to be constantly focused on the weld pool and is often in a very static work position this can put a lot of strain on the welder specially when welding longer seams.


Once set up correctly, mechanised solutions will ensure uniform and reproducible welds time and time again. It will reduce your rework and failure rates by the numbers of start, stops and repositioning when compared to manual welding. Results are also less operator dependant, meaning if someone isn’t on their A game, your production doesn’t suffer.


Mechanising your welding processes can easily double your production rate. This is achieved by increasing the arc time and reducing labour, gas and filler metal costs, compared to manual welding.
A consistent, repeatable mechanised process reduces overfill, gas usage, arc time and gives you a higher output per hour.

Adding the appropriate application for your project is something we can do. Whatever you needs sub-arc, MIG or TIG or even plasma cutting can be fitted to the majority of carriages and tractors.

If you want to step into the world of mechanised welding equipment, our pre-used systems offer you an affordable, achievable solution. Introduce your employees to the benefits of an easier life, without the outlay of brand new equipment. Check out here all the new and used welding tractors and seam trackers we have for sale.

Author: Claire Spillane – Director of Westermans International, Buyers and Sellers of Used welding and cutting equipment – Mum and Nana

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