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Miller Welding machines in stock every day - Used and Refurbished


Miller welding logoMillerWelds.com have launched various Apple, Android and Mobile apps to make life easier for you

Check out this link to Miller's weld setting calculators, operational manual downloads, product literature, FaceBook and YouTube pages.

In the 1920s, almost all electric arc welding was done with large, expensive, three-phase motor generators with DC output. Because three-phase primary wall power was usually only available in big cities, most blacksmiths in rural areas were still using the ancient hammer and forge technique to weld metal.In 1929, Niels Miller recognized the need for a small, affordable arc welder that would operate on the type of electricity readily available in rural Wisconsin. With no money for raw materials, he used scrap sheet metal, core and coil materials to hammer together that first welder in his basement. His simple, non-rotating AC welder was smaller, lighter and less expensive than the DC units currently available. 

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Westermans International can recommend Miller welding machines and equipment for reliability and quality. 

Our best sellers the DeltaWeld, Dimension & Syncrowave are in stock and delivered approximately 2-4 days from order.  
Why wait for a new welder?  Use our search facility on the right to locate all Miller welders in stock today.

We have many, many OEM spares and parts so we can repair machines. 

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Miller Machines and equipment for Sale

Miller Operational Manuals available in pdf formats

Service and Repairs of Miller welders

New and Used Miller spares

Miller Aircrafter
Miller Aerowave
Miller Syncrowave 300
Miller Syncrowave 350
Miller Syncrowave 351
Miller Syncrowave 500

Current Miller welding equipment range below

STICK welding models    

MIG welding models
Blu-Pak 45
Blu-Pak 45

TIG welding models

MULTIPROCESS welding models

MULTIOPERATOR welding models
Mark VI
Mark VIII-2
CST 280 Rack

NEW Products from Miller Welding

Miller Welding Generator

Blue Star





Would you like to talk to our Team?

Maybe you are not sure which welding machine is best for you? Our Sales Team is more than happy to discuss your welding requirements.

With extensive knowledge on ALL makes and models, they can suggest the most suitable machine for your application and budget.

Between Monday and Friday during our working day of 8am – 5pm GMT, we aim to reply to your request within 2 hours of receiving your email.

Remember; we are not restricted to any one brand of Welding Machine.

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Top Reasons to Buy a Miller Generator Welder:

•Costs no more than a regular generator
•Buy a generator, get a free welder to do your own welding repairs
•Long run times with fuel efficient engines and 12 gallons of run time
•Up to 11,000 watts of Accu-Rated™ - not inflated generator power


MIG welders, 3 phase

Deltaweld® 302
Axcess® 300
Deltaweld® 452
Invision 456MP
Axcess® 450
Deltaweld® 652
Axcess® 675

TIG welders

Diversion™ Series

Designed for the Personal User
•Unbelievably affordable
•Easy to set-up and operate
•All-in-one packages

Typical Applications:
•4X4/Off Road
•Sport Aviation

Dynasty® Series

Advanced AC/DC TIG technology for all metals
•Faster travel speeds
•Optimum arc & puddle control
•Improved electrical savings
•Compact, mobile designs

Typical Applications:

Syncrowave® Series
•Traditional Technology
•Industrial Shop Applications

Maxstar® Series

Advanced DC TIG Technology for Steel Alloys
•Productivity increases
•Superior arc control
•Improved electrical savings
•Compact, mobile designs

Typical Applications:

STICK Welders

Maxstar® 200 STR
CST™ 280
XMT® Series
Gold Star® 302
Gold Star® 452
Gold Star® 652
Dimension™ Series
PipePro™ 450 RFC

Multi MIG welding process

Auto-Axcess 300
Auto-Axcess 450
Auto-Axcess 675

Multiprocess Welders

Multimatic™ 200
PipeWorx™ Welding System


Multi Operator

Mark VI™
Mark VIII®-2
CST™ 280 Racks
XMT® 304 Rack
XMT® 350 CC/CV Rack
XMT® 350 VS Rack

Submerged Arc welders

Subarc DC 650

Applications requiring up to 650 amps in the DC mode.

 907338 Subarc DC 650
 300438 HDC 1500DX**
 195308 Cable Kit for HDC
 195265 RAD-400
 199733 Wire Straightener
 194775 Flux Hopper w/valve
 043923 OBT-600 Torch

Subarc DC 1000

Applications requiring up to 1000 amps in the DC mode.

 907342 Subarc DC 1000
 300438 HDC 1500DX**
 195308 Cable Kit for HDC
 195265 RAD-400
 199733 Wire Straightener
 194775 Flux Hopper w/valve
 043900 OBT-1200 Torch

Subarc AC/DC 1000

Applications requiring up to 1000 amps in AC or DC mode.

 907454 Subarc AC/DC 1000
 300438 HDC 1500DX**
 195308 Cable Kit for HDC
 195265 RAD-400
 199733 Wire Straightener
 194775 Flux Hopper w/valve
 043900 OBT-1200 Torch

Miller automatic welding robots

•PA 250 M
•PA 350 S
•PA 750 S, PA 750 SW
•PA 550 H, PA 550 HW
•PA 1100 HW
•PA 1100 SS
•PA 1100 FW
•PA 2200 SS

Miller Fume Extractors

FILTAIR® 2000 - 12000

Miller Plasma Cutters

Spectrum® 125C
Spectrum® 375
Spectrum® 375
Spectrum® 625
Spectrum® 875
Spectrum® 875 Auto-Line


Miller Spot Welders

MSW-41T w/Timer
LMSW-52T w/Timer

Stationary Models
SSW-2020 ATT
SSW-2040 ATT

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