Miller Proheat 35 induction pre heating system (PWHT)

Miller Proheat 35 induction pre heating system (PWHT)
Miller Proheat 35 induction pre heating system (PWHT) Miller Proheat 35 induction pre heating system (PWHT)

Product: 18311

Brand: Miller

Model: Proheat 35

Condition: Used

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  • POST WELD HEAT TREATMENT (PWHT) with Miller Induction Technology Boosts Productivity, Reduces Hydrogen Cracking in Pipeline Applications
  • Induction technology provides a fast, safe and consistent heating method for pre- and post-weld heat treatment, to help minimize the risk of weld failure due to hydrogen-induced cracking in high-strength steels.
  • The ProHeat 35 Liquid-Cooled system can be operated in manual programming mode where a power output is applied to a part for a specified time or in the temperature based programming mode where the part temperature is used to control power output.
  • Liquid-cooled heating cables provide a highly versatile tool for preheating a variety of pipe diameters and even flat plate.
  • Applications include Process piping, Refinery, Petrochemical, Power piping, Pressure vessels, Structural Shipbuilding
  • An induction heating system induces heat electromagnetically rather than by using a heating element to conduct heat. The ProHeat™ 35 features multiple outputs, four control thermocouples to ensure uniform heating, significantly faster time to temperature
  • than conventional heating, and an extremely easy-to-use operator interface that allows the operator to program ramp and hold temperature times. It also tutors the operator to achieve maximum output from the induction coils.

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  • 4 month warranty
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