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ESAB Welding machines in stock every day - New, Used and Refurbished

ESAB welding logoWe are Distributors of ESAB Welding Machinery


Westermans International can recommend ESAB welding machines and equipment as a top quality, reliable brand built to last.  We buy and sell both New and Used machines from the Swedish manufacturer.

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ESAB Machines and equipment for Sale

ESAB Operational Manuals available in pdf formats

Service and Repairs of ESAB welders

Agents and Distributors for New ESAB machinery, spares and consumables 

AC/DC Inverters
Caddy® Tig 2200i AC/DC
Origo™ Tig 3000i AC/DC, TA24 AC/DC
Origo™ Tig 4300iw AC/DC, TA24 AC/DC
Tigaid 315 AC/DC

DC Inverters
Aristo® Tig 4000i
Caddy® Tig 1500i/2200i, TA34
Origo™ Tig 3001i, TA23
Origo™ Tig 3001i, TA24

Aristo® Arc 4000i and Origo™ Arc 4000i
Caddy® Arc 151i/201i, A33
Caddy® Arc 251i, A32/A34
Origo™ Arc 4001i, A22/A24

Origo™ Arc 410c/650c/810c

Semi-automats, Inverters
Origo™ Mig 3001i, A24 - Mig 3001i/3001iw
Origo™ Mig 4001i, A24 - Mig 4001i/4001iw

Carriers and gantries
A2/A6 Beam-travelling carriage
MechTrac 1730, 2100, 2500 and 3000

Column and boom
Cab 2200
Cab 44 55 66 77
Cab 300 (460s)

Components and modules
Wire feed units

Mechanisation equipment
Railtrac 1000
Railtrac BV1000/BVR1000
Railtrac F1000
Railtrac FR1000
Railtrac FW1000/FW1000 L
Railtrac FWR1000
Tramtrac™ II

Tractor automats
A2 Multitrac with A2/A6 process controller PEK
A2 Weldtrac
A6 Mastertrac A6TF
Miggytrac 1001
Miggytrac 2000
Miggytrac 3000

Welding heads
A2 S GMAW Mini Master
A2 S Mini Master
A6 S Arc Master

Submerged Arc welding equipment    Click here for a great handbook on submerged arc welding from ESAB
Miggytrac 1001
Miggytrac 2000
Miggytrac 3000
A2 Multitrac SAW
A2 Multitrac GMAW
A2S Minimaster
A6 Mastertrac SAW
A6S Arc Master
LAF Power Sources
Tank Welder AGW1 and AGW2

A25 modular components

A25 components and accessories
Angular support
Balancing block
Conversion sets
Cooling block
Narrow gap head for PRD
POC 12-60 accessories
POC spindles and centering cartridges
Standard racks for PRD 100
Standard racks for PRD 160

Ancillary equipment
MEI 10
MEI 21 wire feed unit

Power sources orbital TIG
Aristo® MechControl 2 and 4
Aristo® MechTig C2002i

Welding heads orbital TIG
A21 PRD 100

Orbital welding systems
MechTig C2002iw
MechTig 4000i
MechTig Control 2 and 4
A21 PRB and PRC Welding Heads
MEI 21 Wire Feed Unit

Handling equipment
Positioner RT1 - RT35
Positioner RT 250 - RT 500
Positioner TAP 1T and TAP 3T

Handling equipment Rotators
Roller bed CD 5-120 and CI 5-120
Roller bed CD-DB and CI-IB
Roller bed FIR 35, 75 and 100
Roller bed FUB 30
Roller bed SD 5-100 and SI 5-100
Roller bed SD 5-100 DB and SI 5-100 IB

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With extensive knowledge on ALL makes and models, they can suggest the most suitable machine for your application and budget.

Between Monday and Friday during our working day of 8am – 5pm GMT, we aim to reply to your request within 2 hours of receiving your email.

Remember; we are not restricted to any one brand of Welding Machine.

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