Unmissable Savings On This ESAB Submerged Arc Welding System, It’s As Good As New!

Submerged arc welding is an essential process when a weld needs to be protected from atmospheric contamination.
Mainly used in the production of tanks and vessels, it’s a fairly sophisticated process and equipment can be an expensive investment.

Our machine of the week is a complete package ready to weld – all you need to add is your consumables and supplies!
This ESAB submerged arc welding system is in as new condition and still in it’s original boxes – save thousands on a new system without compromising on age or quality of the machinery.

ESAB sub arc welding package

Consists of:

  • ESAB LAF 1001 DC welding power source
  • ESAB A2 Multitrac sub arc welding tractor
  • PEK control unit
  • OPC flux recovery unit
  • D20 contact tube
  • Plastic wire reel
  • 3.2mm feed rolls
  • 24m welding cable
  • 10m return cable
  • 25m control cable
  • 10m reference cable
  • EG600 earth clip

This “as new” complete system is offered with a 6 month warranty to ensure you have a hassle free start to your production process.

Want a price?

Click here to view all the specifications and photos, as well as make an enquiry.

ESAB submerged arc welding systems

We can also handle delivery and offloading if required, just provide your details when making your enquiry and we can get a price for you. Alternatively collections are welcome if you have your own transport.

We have a variety of submerged arc welding systems available, so if this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, click here to check out all stock.

Alternatively give us a call and we will be more than happy to offer advice on any of our products or services. Our contact details can be found here.

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