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ArcAir Cutting equipment for air-carbon arc and underwater cutting - Victor Technologies



Arcair provides a complete line of air-carbon arc products for the wide-ranging gouging needs of fabrication plants, shipyards, railroads and farms.  It is also a leading supplier of underwater cutting and welding torches and manufactures the popular SLICE exothermic cutting system, which is capable of cutting through any material.

Arcair is a brand Victor Technologies, the world's largest supplier of welding and cutting products.

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Arcair Slice Cutting System


Unlike any other cutting technology used today, the Arcair SLICE System can cut, burn or pierce virtually any metallic, non-metallic or composite material.  This includes hard-to-cut materials such as mild, stainless and alloy steels, Cast iron, aluminium, magnesium and other non-ferrous metals.  With the SLICE system you can cut slag and refactory materials, punch through concrete or brick and even cut through materials contaminated with 
rust, mud or other corrosion.


The SLICE System uses a special Arcair torch that feeds oxygen and electrical power to a patented SLICE exothermic cutting rod.

 You supply oxygen and a 12-volt battery or a welding machine (CC). The battery gives you fast ignition and portability.

The welding machine lets you maintain a continuous arc (up to 200 amps) with conductive materials for cutting temperatures over 5,000 C.


Why not download the Arcair Slice PDF here for more information or give the Sales Team a call?




Arcair K4000 - The Best Air Carbon-Arc Gouging Torch from the Pioneers of the Technology.

The Arcair K4000 Air-Carbon Arc gouging torch is the Number 1 choice worldwide for efficient metal removal.  It is an ideal tool for weld removal, backgouging, edge preparation, defect repair and many other metal removal jobs.


The air carbon-arc process works by creating an arc between a carbon electrode and a workpiece.  The intense heat of the arc melts part of the workpiece, which is blown away by a jet of air from the torch.  The metal removal rate depends on the speed the metal is melted, and the efficiency of the air jet.


The K4000 is a particularly popular choice as its ergonomic design works efficiently with the natural angles and movements of the arm and wrist.  This torch accepts pointed carbon electrodes with diameters from 4 – 13mm, and flat carbon electrodes with 10 or 16mm diameters.  It operates up to 1000 Amps, requiring a welding power source to supply power.


In addition, the K4000 also offers the following advantages:


§360° swivel cable to reduce cable twists

§Natural 15° torch angle, providing greater user comfort

§High quality cable hose to resist heat and abrasion

§Rugged construction – a Heavy Duty gouging torch that won’t let you down.


Arcair is the inventor of the original air carbon arc process and has led the industry for over 60 years, which is why Arcair gouging equipment is now available across the world and used every day for many different applications.  The K4000 is the result of combining this proven technology with improved ergonomics and a Heavy Duty design.



Arcair SEA TORCH 'Combination Torch' (10FT, 5/16) 5/16IN Cutting Collet


Arcair® comes out on top underwater. Torches for cutting, welding, and gouging underwater 


Included Features
  • A selection of carefully tested and job-proven Arcair underwater products to handle almost any imaginable underwater cutting or welding application. 
  • Specially comfort designed for the gloved hand, fully insulated pistol grip torch that features a one piece body which eliminates the leakage of oxygen in the torch body.
  • Salvage / Docking facility construction / Off-shore drill rig repair

One piece body construction

  • fully insulated electrically for safety in normal operation
  • prohibits oxygen leakage in the torch body
  • bright orange for high visibility to the diver

 Combination torch

  • torch can be used for oxygen-arc cutting or underwater welding

 Tapered collet body

  • brings the bare surface of an electrode into contact for the entire length of the collet
  • solid grip and increased contact area decreases the risk of arcing between the collet and electrode

 Equipped with a spark arrestor

  • spark arrestor located behind the collet for safe operation
  • ball check valve in the torch handle gives additional protection



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