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Cloos welding equipment and Cloos welding robots for sale


Cloos Robotic Welding Equipment and Welding Robots are bought and sold by Westermans International

A historical Germany company started by Carl Cloos back in 1919 making welding torches and gas generators.  Their new range of technology covers welding power sources and robotic welders.

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Rapid Weld - Rapid but clean

The Rapid Weld process provides advantages wherever high deposition rates and optimum penetration depths at high process speed are required. It is particularly suited for manual and automated welding in sectors such as the heavy steel construction industry, shipbuilding and container construction.

Speed Weld - Special process for high-speed welding

The Speed Weld process is most suitable for joining components of thin to thick wall thicknesses. Good penetration depths and perfect side wall joints at high weld speeds are achieved by means of a focused pulsed arc with a scalable deposition rate. The Speed Weld process is used in all industrial production sectors.

Control Weld - Controlled thin plate welding

The Control Weld process supplies a uniform arc which is particularly advantageous when welding thin steel. The classic industries are automotive construction, electronics, vehicle construction, heating technology, white goods and furniture. This process can also be used for reliable repair welding throughout all industry sectors and allows for welding under pure CO2.

Cold Weld - Welding with minimum heat input

By using a negative phase, targeted heat-placing control is possible during the Cold Weld process which allows a very low heat input. This "cold" arc welding allows optimum control of the welding process. The thermal loading of base material is reduced and the origin material characteristics remain nearly unchanged. Thus a high weld seam quality at a good gap briding ability and increased weld speed can be achieved. The Cold Weld process is mainly used for thin to medium plate thicknesses.

Tandem Weld - The process for more productivity

Two in-line wire are fed simultaneously and melted in two arcs. Due to the consequent separation of the two electrical cicuits the arc can be controlled in detail. Enormous efficiency, low heat input, excellent weld seam quality and the very high deposition rate are the great advantages of the Tandem Weld process.

Laser Hybrid Weld - As efficient as never before

Compared to traditional Tandem and MAG welding, considerable savings in production time and filler material are possible. Single pass weld seams can be welded without preparation even in the case of thick plate with material thicknesses of more than 10 mm. Moreover a high weld speed can be reached even when welding thin plate. It is not only the automotive industry that demands high-quality weld seams: due to the minimum rework required, the MIG/MAG Laser hybrid welding process is also of interest to companies manufacturing components for commercial vehicles, railway carriages and construction machinery.

Duo Pulse - Alternating arc weld for rippled weld seam surface

The Duo Pulse process creates outstanding weld surfaces and ensures a reliable weld seam quality. The change of heat input in the arc results in a uniformly rippled weld seam surface which means that rework on visible welds is minimised. The furniture and electrical industrial sectors, and aviation, automotive and motorcycle industries are all suitable application areas.

QINEO® high-quality CLOOS power sources have been specially developed for industrial welding applications and can meet all manual and automated welding requirements. With its modular design the QINEO® system can provide individual solutions to perfectly match your production requirements and targets. Each QINEO® is a customised machine, from the capacity stage and operating module to any special equipment, and is completed by an extensive range of options and complementary services. With their excellent availability, short delivery times and highest quality QINEO® welding power sources can provide considerable economic benefits.

QIROX® is the new CLOOS product brand comprising all solutions for automated welding and cutting. Due to its modular design, the QIROX® system allows scalable solutions which can perfectly match your production requirements. The QIROX® system includes the robot technology, software, sensors, safety equipment, manipulators and the process technology. It is completed by an extensive range of options and complementary services. As a result of this comprehensive service from just one supplier, our customers can gain considerable economic and quality benefits.

The History of Cloos Welding Company

1919 - Foundation
 Eng. Carl Cloos founds Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik in Siegen-Weidenau and starts to manufacture acetylene gas generators and oxyacetylene welding torches.

1924 - Relocation of company headquarters
 The company Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik moves to Haiger.

1948 - New production line
 The company starts to manufacture welding power sources for stick electrodes.

1956 - CLOOS does pioneer work
 Launch of the first CO2 shielded gas welding machine by Eng. Erwin Cloos.

1958 - Beginnings of automated welding
 Integration of welding power sources in manufacturing systems – the foundation for automated welding.

1961 - Novel arc control
 New developments on the component sector improve control.

1968 - A new welding power source
 Development of the first pulsed arc welding machines - an important step for automated robot welding.

1978 – A new age of welding technology
 First use of robot system technology for gas shielded arc welding. The triumph of robot welding begins.

1981 - Beginning with robot production
 Construction and production of industrial robots in-house. The brand name ROMAT ® is born.

1981 - Welding with new quality
 Development of a spatter-free and transistor based pulsed arc welding power source.

1986 - CLOOS develops its own robot control
 Intelligent robot welding: development and production of controllers for industrial robots under the brand ROTROL ® .

1992 - A milestone in welding technology
 Dispatch of computer-controlled and programmable welding power sources of the QUINTO series.

1996 - CLOOS out in front
 Distribution of the TANDEM welding technology. Worldwide market leadership to this day.

1996/97 - Generation change
 New MIG/MAG arc welding power source MC3 with computer-controlled power programming.

2001 - New robot control
 Robot welding becomes convenient: Novel ROTROL ® II robot control with touch screen on the teach pendant.

2002 – New welding robot mechanics
 More dynamic, more precise, broader reach: due to the newly developed ROMAT welding robot mechanics.

2003 – Robot compact cells
 A complete welding robot plant on minimal space: the robot compact cells Z1 to Z6.

2004 - Laser hybrid process – Ready for series production
 Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik makes the MSG laser beam hybrid welding process ready for the market.

2006 - Pulsed arc welding at high speed
 Cold Process (CP) - the innovation in thin sheet welding. Launched together with the arc welding power source GLC 353 QUINTO CP.

2008 – QINEO® The new generation of welding power sources
 QINEO ® are high-quality power sources especially developed for commercial and industrial use.

2009 – Modular robot plant
 The peripheral equipment of the welding robot plants is placed on a continuous modular base.

2010 – QIROX® - The system for automatic welding and cutting
 The QIROX ® System includes robot technology, software, sensor technology, positioners and process technology: everything required for professional robot welding.


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