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Merkle welding equipment made in Germany | Professional Industrial machines of high specification


merkle welding machines

 Westerman's supply several new and used Merkle welding machines. 

These are well built German machines with up to 3 years warranty.

Our Sales and Technical staff have spent time with the Merkle design and support team and have a full understanding of these quality made reliable machines.

One of the advantages of buying a well made European welder is the after sales support you will get from Westermans and Merkle.  Jointly we will ensure your machine is performing for the lifetime of the machine.  With access to the full product range and spares, we know that should you experience any problems with Merkle equipment, we will be able to resolve the situation quickly.


Current models of Merkle welding machines available

Merkle LogiTIG 220 AC/DC TIG Welding Unit Single Phase 

Merkle LogiTIG 240 AC/DC TIG Welding Unit 

Merkle MobiMIG 180K Portable MIG Welder 

Merkle MobiARC 160 MMA/Stick Electrode & TIG Welding Unit

Merkle MobiTIG 190 DC TIG Welding Unit

Merkle HighPULSE 450 DW Synergic MIG Pulse Welding Unit 

Merkle OptiMIG 550 DW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welding Machine 

Merkle OptiMIG 450 DW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welder

Merkle OptiMIG 450 KW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welding Unit 

Merkle OptiMIG 350 DW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welding Machine

Merkle Compact MIG 400 D/DW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welding Machine 

Merkle RedMIG 1600 K Step Controlled MIG/MAG Welding Machine

Merkle Insquare W 600 AC/DC TIG Welding Machine 

Merkle Insquare W 421 AC/DC TIG Welding Unit 

Merkle Insquare W 321 AC/DC TIG Welder 

Merkle Insquare W 421 DC TIG Welding Unit 


Ask Westermans about the 3 year manufacturers warranty package with NEW Merkle machines in stock.  Read the T&C's below to qualify.


The warranty does not apply to machines/equipment that are damaged due to improper handling, improper installation, use of violence, accident, abuse, violation of the specifications and operating manuals, inadequate maintenance, damage by third parties and outside influences.

Also, there is no warranty for completely or partially dismantled machines/equipment, improper modifications or repairs, not using the original Merkle coolant, heavy pollution, and work done by persons not authorized by Merkle.

The above warranty shall apply for 1-shift operation. At a 2-shift operation the times will be shortened to 50%, at a 3-shift operation to 33% of the times stated above.

Please read Merkle's warranty conditions below to ensure your machine will be fully covered by their Terms and Conditions.

We provide an extended warranty of 36 months

Excluded are: With an extended warranty of 24 months: motors, fans. With a warranty of 12 months: water pumps, wire feeding systems, connection cables and separately supplied components and spare parts (electronic components, circuit boards, etc.) There is no warranty for consumables, welding and cutting torches, wire feed rollers, software errors that are not reproducible.

The warranty extension of  36 months will only be granted if the machines/equipment are operated according to the operating instructions, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations, recommendations and regular annual check by an authorised Merkle service representative. Contact Westermans Service Department for further information.

The extended warranty can be provided only by an authorised service representative. The authorisation takes place after a successful, annual participation in the Merkle service training.

The purchaser is bound to inspect the goods immediately and claim defects in writing until the second day of their receipt inhouse at the latest. Hidden defects must be reported immediately, latest within seven days of their noticing.

This information must be made by registered letter directly to us and not to our representatives. From the transfer of risk we give six month guarantee on material and function (at one swift cycle) when properly operated. In case our products haven’t gone into operations after the transfer of risk, the guarantee ends 12 month after delivery from our house in Koetz at the latest.

Excluded are consumables as oil, grease, welding-wire-leading-parts, welding torches, hose packages, cable connections placed outside, hand programming units and keyboards.

Claimed parts are to be returned freight-free for our inspection. For shipments into foreign countries all costs, espec. freight-and customs charges both ways, are borne by the purchaser.

We retain the right to also inspect the claimed fault at site and if necessary repair it.

Without or clear consent nothing may be changed at the faulty items; otherwise this will lead to loss of warranty. In case of proven deficiencies we retain the choice to either repair the items free of charges or replace them ex works upon freight-free return of the defective parts. Further claims espec. exchange, reduction and compensation, also in regard to further damage, are excluded.

If samples are made and handed over to the purchaser for examination then we are bound to a shipment corresponding to these prototypes. If samples are elaborated with our machines, we can only be held liable after acceptance of prototypes, that the products of our machines correspond to the samples. We can refuse the removal of defects as long as the purchaser does not fulfil his obligations.

Our liability is not applicable where our operating instructions are not completely met. The burden of proof is with the purchaser. Without our written approval, any responsibility is inapplicable that the delivered products comply with foreign regulations. Warranty claims are statute-barred at the latest three month after refusal of the complaint.


Would you like to talk to our Team?

Maybe you are not sure which welding machine is best for you? Our Sales Team is more than happy to discuss your welding requirements.

With extensive knowledge on ALL makes and models, they can suggest the most suitable machine for your application and budget.

Between Monday and Friday during our working day of 8am – 5pm GMT, we aim to reply to your request within 2 hours of receiving your email.

Remember; we are not restricted to any one brand of Welding Machine.

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