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Merkle Welding Equipment - Made in Germany

Merkle is a Germany company.  It has developed into a leading manufacturer of welding equipment and welding groundbreaking technology since its founding in 1964 in the Swabian Kötz.


Products from Merkle include MIG/MAG welding equipment, Synergic Pulse welding equipment, TIG welding equipment, Plasma welding/cutting equipment, MIG/MAG, TIG, PLASMA hand and machine welding torches, Plasma hand and machine cutting torches, Components for automation and mechanisation and complete robotic, automation and mechanisation solutions

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Current models of Merkle welding machines available 

Merkle LogiTIG 220 AC/DC TIG Welding Unit Single Phase 

Merkle LogiTIG 240 AC/DC TIG Welding Unit 

Merkle MobiMIG 180K Portable MIG Welder 

Merkle MobiARC 160 MMA/Stick Electrode & TIG Welding Unit

Merkle MobiTIG 190 DC TIG Welding Unit

Merkle HighPULSE 450 DW Synergic MIG Pulse Welding Unit 

Merkle OptiMIG 550 DW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welding Machine 

Merkle OptiMIG 450 DW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welder

Merkle OptiMIG 450 KW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welding Unit 

Merkle OptiMIG 350 DW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welding Machine

Merkle Compact MIG 400 D/DW Synergic Step Control MIG/MAG Welding Machine 

Merkle RedMIG 1600 K Step Controlled MIG/MAG Welding Machine

Merkle Insquare W 600 AC/DC TIG Welding Machine 

Merkle Insquare W 421 AC/DC TIG Welding Unit 

Merkle Insquare W 321 AC/DC TIG Welder 

Merkle Insquare W 421 DC TIG Welding Unit 

Westermans buy and sell new, used and refurbished welding equipment of all the leading brands. 

Have you Merkle welding plant to dispose of?  We could be interested in buying any used Merkle welders so please get in touch with full details.



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