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The weld overlay cladding process provides protection for products such as pipes, valves, flanges and specialist fabrications in a number of industry sectors where service conditions require corrosion resistant properties.

Fronius Weld Cladding Cell with Positioner.


Key Features:

Hot Wire Cladding Welding Cell with motorised base, consists of the following:
Column & Boom 3M x 2M.
Fronius FCS 2000-1000/ML-375 Cross Slide System.
Fronius FPA 9000 Controller
Fronius KD 1500 D-11 Wire Feed System
Fronius TransTig 5000 Job G/F Power Source
Fronius TransTig 2200 Job Hot Wire Power Source
Fronius Chilly 35 Water Chiller
Fronius FRP 1500C FPA Rotilting Positioner
Machine was situated in the Research & Development Department and as such has done very little work

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Power Electronics Bode Weld Cladding System.


Key Features:

Model: Multi Clad Hotwire Tig Weld System,System Version V7
Integrated Rotary Table Power Control and Miller Gold Star 602 welding machine
3000mm x 3000mm
An automatic welding system designed and made in the UK for the Oil, Gas and Nuclear industry
The component is mounted on a turntable with the bore being welded centred on the turntable rotational axis
During the cladding operation, the turntable rotates and the welding torch is stationary (moving up once a revolution)
A conventional column & boom (rack & pinion type) supports precision cross slides attached to the end of the boom.
The slides perform the task of moving the torch in two or more axes.
Bode flat welding positioner 2500mm diameter table
Power Electronics flat welding positioner 2000kg 1200mm diameter table
Operation manuals
Year of Manufacture 2000

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