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Used AEC Pre-Heating units for Welding & Fabrication Bought & Sold

AEC Technology an Italian manufacturing designed for pre-heating and stress-relieving heat treatments. Designed and made in Italy are ideal for tube, joints and pipeline welding.

AEC TECHNOLOGY is leader in the market of equipment and accessories for heat treatment and stress relieving on welding

In 1973 AEC Elettronica Industriale patented the equipment called "THERMOCONTROL" for the execution of thermal treatments extrafurnace of preheat, postheat and stress relieving of the soldered joints with the resistance method.

The equipment, innovative at that time, using the SCR diodes technology, allowed an easy control of the power and tension  applied with a very compact equipment.
In 1996 the AEC TECHNOLOGY was set up in order to develop the products, the relations of pre, post- sale and the technical assistance to the customer.  AEC TECHNOLOGY machines are compact and of easy use and gather all the experience of more than 30 years

Machines for tubes, joints, pipeline preheating and heat treatment

Medium frequency induction machines mod. PEGASO 42.5 are used for the preheating and the heat treatment of tubes, joints and pipe-line (P91-P22).
Made in strong structures powder varnished, the machines are fitted with wheels for small movements and lifting eyebolts.
The interchangeability of the inductors allows to use inductors conformed to each single piece.
The calibration is completely automated.
The machines can be connected to an external water cooling unit.
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