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BOC is the largest supplier of industrial gases, speciality gases and gas equipment in the UK. BOC’s Industrial Services and Supplies division.

Since the early 1960s, BOC has manufactured, supplied and distributed welding and safety related products to the automotive industry. Often the first choice for everyday items such as hoses, resistance, fusion and stud welding products, safety, PPE and workwear and many other products. With 72 Gas & Gear retail stores and 21 BOC Direct branches across the UK and more than 300 partners and agents supplying services and equipment to customers of all sizes, BOC provides an unbeatable range of services. Now part of the Linde Group.

The BOC Group plc was the official name of the multinational industrial gas and British based company more commonly known as BOC, and now a part of the Linde Group. In September 2004, BOC had over 30,000 employees on six continents.

On 5 September 2006 the BOC Group became part of the Linde Group of Germany and is no longer traded as a separate company.

An important part of BOC's history was the acquisition of Airco Industrial Gases, an American competitor. After 11 years of litigation, in 1978 Airco became a wholly owned subsidiary of BOC. The enlarged company changed its name to the BOC Group.

When we first started our company back in the 1960's BOC was a huge brand and over the years has had several more parent companies in the welding machine division including ESAB and Murex.

With our vast array of spares and parts we can supply obsolete machines in full and carry out repairs and sell spares of BOC.

Arc Equipment

Whether you work with MIG/MAG welding machines, TIG/MMA welders or plasma machines, BOC offers a unique and extensive range of arc equipment. From next-generation BOC-manufactured MIG welders with advanced capabilities and superior functionality to lightweight and portable plasma cutting systems, BOC gives you unprecedented choice and quality. With a full complement of accessories, spares and welding consumables, the professional welder has everything to hand from a single and trusted supplier.

  • MIG machines
  • TIG machines
  • MMA machine
  • Plasma cutters
  • Engine-driven welders
  • MIG welding torches
  • TIG torches and accessories
  • Arc and welding accessories
  • Gas Equipment. Cutting equipment, regulators, cylinder storage.
  • Multi User Panel. A new flexible gas supply system developed specifically for customers needing to accommodate multiple welders off one station.
  • Fuel Cell Generator. The HYMERA® II is BOC’s second generation portable hydrogen fuel cell generator for clean and quiet off-grid power.
  • Arc Equipment. Welding machines, welding torches, arc and welding accessories.
  • Welding Consumables. Electrodes, MIG wire, TIG wire.
  • Refrigeration Products. Pipe cutting and bending, manifold sets, brazing and soldering.
  • Trade Tools. Power tools, hand tools, other hardware.
  • Abrasives. Cutting applications, grinding applications, finishing applications.
  • Welding Safety. Welding curtains, head and face protection, welding apparel.


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