Bode 2-HSW 6 /44 Elevating Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

Bode 2-HSW 6 /44 Elevating Longitudinal Seam Welding Machine

Product: 18393

Brand: Bode

Model: 2-HSW 6/44

Condition: Used

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  • Bode 2-HSW 6 /44 elevating longitudinal Seam Welding Machine, powered raise and lower
  • Clamping length 1100mm
  • Mandrel 150mm
  • Sheet size 1200mm
  • Elevating Mandrel. The range of material thicknesses can be increased by incorporating a pneumatically operated elevating mandrel.
  • The elevating mandrel has two advantages: when welding thick material damage can arise to the back-up insert caused by a large weld bead, by lowering the mandrel the clearance between clamping fingers and backing bar
  • insert is increased thus permitting the workpiece to be more easily withdrawn, the range oft material thicknesses can also be increased to approximately 15 mm
  • The mandrel ist easily raised and lowered by an air valve which is put in a convenient place for the operator.
  • By means of the elevating mandrel the travel of the clamping fingers is maintained at the same distance throughout the range of thicknesses, thus ensuring the maximum clamping pressure at all times.
  • Individual stainless Fingers Powered carriage forwards and reverse
  • Welding equipment can be added if required TIG, MIG or plasma welding (GTAW, MAG or PAW)
  • Film clip shows seam welder refurbished in the past

Package Includes:

  • 4 month warranty
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