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Total Air Limited, Malta

The Requirement

Total Air Limited specialises in the development of sheet metal work for industrial grade heating and ventilation equipment.

Total Air were looking to quickly source a resistance spot welding machining to use for welding flanges for duct manufacturing purposes and to import it to Malta.

This equipment is used for spot welding the flange with the sheet metal for duct manufacturing purposes. Ducting is used in both cooling and heating systems, each of which has different and specific requirements. Ducting used in heating systems is designed to offer High R-Values and low air leakage rates, meaning that the duct design does not require any lining or fiberglass insulation. They decided to purchase refurbished machinery as price and good customer service was important. The target machine they were looking to purchase was a Model PBP126 – 25KVA, Air Operated Resistance Spot Welding Machine.

"Their staff were very helpful and the importation arrived in a very short period of time. We were very happy with the service”

Why Westermans International Was Chosen

Total Air Limited was after a quality piece of equipment, competitively prices and excellent customer service. Louise Vella at Total Air explains:

“Importing the machinery was very simple and straight forward. After selecting the machinery required, we effected payment and subsequently made the required arrangements for the collection of the machinery from Westermans. Their staff was very helpful and the importation arrived in a very short period of time. We were very happy with the service”.

The Company

Total Air Limited is the manufacturing arm of Air System International Ltd (ASIL). The business specialises in the development of sheet metal work for use in ducting systems for industrial-grade HVAC (Heat, ventilation, air conditioning) equipment. The capacity to manufacture their own sheet metal work is an important aspect of the business, as it gives the company total control over the quality of their products, and innovative ways to make them work even better. It also facilitates the design process that is used with clients, as they can provide them with a product that is tailored to their needs.

ASIL's HVAC systems have been used by leading Maltese businesses that operate in a number of sectors including shopping centres, residential developments, hospitality and leisure complexes, and large scale car parks.

Sheet metal work is an important aspect of HVAC systems, as they need to be corrosion resistant, able to withstand extreme weather, and be reliable for use over a long period of time. Total Air Limited provides a wide range of products and services, ranging from precision sheet metal to heavy plating. Their team of expert engineers are committed to providing high quality custom made metal products that are made using industry grades of steel, stainless steel, and aluminium.

For more details on Total Air Limited visit airsystem-malta.com

Engineering Sectors in Malta

Given the fact that Malta can sometimes have over six months of warmth and sunshine, it comes as to no surprise that HVAC systems for cooling are very popular in the Maltese market. As such, ducting used for cooling systems is an especially important aspect of our production line. Ducting is developed by using high grade performance rigid insulation panels that present the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly option currently available on the market.

The company’s products reduce air leakages when compared to other ducting produced by regular sheet metal work.

Total Air Limited also manufactures sheet metal work that is used by ASIL for their cooling ducts. Total Air Limited is an obvious choice for the Maltese market. Their services are suitable for application in both newly constructed and refurbished projects in the residential, industrial, commercial, hospitality, and leisure sectors.

Benefits of Spot Welding

Resistance spot welding is the process by which contacting metal surfaces are joined by the heat obtained from resistance to electric current. The main benefit of spot welding is that a lot of energy can be delivered to the spot in a very short time (approximately 10–100 milliseconds). This permits the welding to occur without excessive heating of the remainder of the sheet.

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