CEA Italian Welding Equipment manufacturer - New and Used

CEA Spa, founded by Ezio Annettoni in 1950, is one of the worldwide leaders for the design and manufacture of Resistance welding machines conceived for the industrial market.

CEA works together with its worldwide distributors and service centers scattered in over 70 countries in order to satisfy the various needs of all markets.

Learn more about the Spot welding process in our Guide to Spot welding where our Tutor and Apprentice discuss this welding application in more detail.

CEA welding equipment ranges from Arc welders to Plasma cutters however we like them as a brand best for Resistance Spot Welding Machines.

CEA goes Green

Latest inverter technology equipment, working at higher frequencies in respect of traditional machines, improves the electromagnetic efficiency of power components granting the following benefits:

  • less energy consumption (PFC device, when available, greatly increases the energy saving)
  • lightweight & compact size for less shipping/transport costs
  • coping environment "green" standards (e.g. RoHS)
  • less cost for future wasting & recycling (WEEE)

Care for the environment has always been an important element in the CEA corporate philosophy. The evolution of its manufacturing is proof, focusing on state-of-the-art inverter technology power sources which improve the efficiency of its power components.

From June 2011, CEA has also outfitted its Lecco factory with an important 200 KWP photovoltaic plant which has made the company virtually self-sufficient from an energetic perspective. This is yet another investment in the pursuit of “eco-sustainability” after having replaced traditional lighting systems of the plant with advanced equipment that offers extraordinary energy savings (almost 70% lower consumption). Due to its control system, the project lets the company know in real time how much energy is saved compared to a traditional one.

You can visit any show in the world and CEA will be exhbiting their full range of welding and cutting equipment.

CEA RESISTANCE Spot and Seam Welding Equipment

  • DUAL 30 Twin spot welding unit for single side welding
  • X-GUN Pneumatic spot guns with rocker arms, X type - Digital Control - Single phase
  • C-GUN Pneumatic spot guns with rocker arms, C type - Digital Control - Single phase
  • Z - ZP Rocker arms Spot welder, with arms adjustable in length- Digital Control - Single phase supply
  • K - KP Rocker arms Spot welder - Digital Control - Single phase supply
  • PPS Vertical Stroke Spot welders - AC - Digitall control - Single phase supply
  • PPN Vertical Stroke Spot/Projection welders - AC - Digitall control - Single phase supply
  • BSW Vertical Stroke Spot/Projection Bench welders - AC - Digitall control - Single phase supply
  • PPN 3F CC Vertical Stroke Spot/Projection welders - DC - Digitall control - Three phase supply
  • MF 100 - MF 160 - MF 200 Medium Frequency Vertical Stroke Spot/Projection welders - DC - Digitall control - Three phase suppl
  • MF 1040 - MF 1041 - MF 5020 MF 1000 & MF 5000: Medium Frequency Inverter based spot welders suitable for EVERYONE
  • VOYAGER Robotized system working on more axes for resistance spot or projection welding of work pieces placed in proper jigs.
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