Used Wachs Tooling for Pipe and Tube Welding Preparation

E.H. Wachs manufacture the finest line of portable machine tools designed to cut, face, bevel and counterbore tube, pipe and vessels.
Part of a large organisation ITW Wachs goods complete the range of orbital welding and preparation equipment.

We buy and sell used Wachs Portable Tube and Pipe preparation tools. 

Founded in 1883, E.H. Wachs has enjoyed a rich history of product innovation and market leadership that has endured for over 125 years.

The story of Wachs encompasses three centuries, four continents and four generations of the Wachs family.
The story begins in Europe, where a young Edward H. Wachs decided to emigrate from Germany to America. He began his career as an apprentice machinist in Ohio, before moving to Chicago, IL. In 1883 he founded a steam fitting firm that bore his initials and name - E.H. Wachs.

At first focused solely on steam fitting, after several years he recognised the need for a simple and reliable steam engine. E.H. Wachs designed and began manufacturing the Wachs Vertical Steam Engine, a single cylinder, double-acting vertical engine that ultimately would be manufactured in power ratings from 1 HP to 60 HP. The design of this steam engine proved so fundamentally sound that it would remain in constant production for the next 80 years.

E.H. Wachs has manufactured the finest line of portable machine tools designed to cut, face, bevel and counterbore tube, pipe and vessels. O.D.-mounted split frame machines include the SDSF Small Diameter Split Frame, the DynaPrep® MDSF Modular Design Split Frame and LDSF Large Diameter Split Frames. Other O.D. machines include the famous Guillotine® Pipe Saw (or “Wachs” Pipe Saw) and the ubiquitous Trav-L-Cutter® pipe and vessel milling machine. Wachs’ proven SDB Small Diameter Beveler, FF Flange Facer and EP 424 End Prep are I.D.-mounted machines with self centering mandrels for beveling, facing and counterboring.

As the North American distributor of Orbitalum high purity saws, facers and orbital welding systems for process piping, E.H. Wachs lays claim to the industry’s most complete line of products for most applications, schedules and sizes ranging from .5in to 120in (25.4-3048mm).

In 2009, after four generations of stewardship by the Wachs family, E.H. Wachs was acquired by the Glenview, Illinois based ITW Corporation, completing the relationship established with Illinois Tool Works 50 years earlier. Wachs joins other welding related companies in ITW's Welding Products Group, further strengthening ITW's position as the industry leader in welding equipment technology.

Industrial Machine Tools & Orbital Welding Systems

Wachs on their web site provide Calculators as a general reference only. Actual results may vary, particularly with high alloy and heavy wall applications. This can be set to imperial or metric measurements
Follow this link to the E.H Wachs Calculator for cut times, compound bevel and pipe size references

Products Made by E.H Wachs
plit Frames, Trav-L-Cutter, Guillotine Pipe Saws, End Prep Machines - Bevelers, Flange Facers, Milling Machines, Boiler Tube Bevelers, High Purity Tube Facers, Handheld Valve Operators, HPU Hydraulic Power Unit, Genuine Wachs Tooling, Orbital Cutting & Welding Products

Industries Served with Pipe and Tool Preparation and Orbital Welding
Power Generation, Oil & Petrochemical Refining, Pipeline Distribution, Mechanical Contractors, Pipe Fabrication Shops, Wellhead Completion, High Purity Process Piping

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