Key Plant Positioning Equipment - Why buy new?

Key Plant's association with the welding & positioining equipment market traces a couple of decades.  Throughout this time Key Plant has continued to supply, develop and revise their range of positioning equipment from the sales of new and refurbished welding and association automation equipment to a large rental department and service centre through to more recent fully automated turnkey installations including weld cladding and cobot welders.

Westermans International can help you with many automatic and positioning welding solutions.

Key Plant's versatility in being able to manufacture simple, through to highly sophisticated heavy engineering equipment along with developing better technologies to provide solutions to specific problems, for example, large capacity anti-drift rotators, cladding solutions and deep groove, narrow gap welding.

For many years the UK firm manufactured special purpose welding positioning equipment including Positioners, Column and Booms, Rotators and Manipulators
Recently they have developed automated solutions for:
Internal Cladding of Pipe and Oil Valves
Automated Tig Welding Systems
Anti Drift System
Growing line, Fit Up Station & Automated Can Joining Systems 

Key Plant's association with the welding equipment market traces back many years and as a manufacturer developing more recently into solutions for fully automated turnkey installations. 

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