Lincoln MIG Welders - Used & New for Sale

Lincoln MIG welders are industrial power sources recommended for heavy duty applications. 

Lincoln Electric has designed MIG welding equipment to operate in harsh environmental conditions like shipyards, or offshore yards outside.  We can supply new, used and refurbished Lincoln MIG systems from the Powertec models and refurbished Idealarc multi process MIG power sources.

See all Lincoln MIG welding equipment for sale below including wire feed units, multi process MIG MAG power sources.

Buying pre-used Lincoln MIG welding equipment from us will offer you great savings, all with warranty and support.  

If you want to purchase a New Lincoln MIG welder then here are the current models to choose from with all the various options direct from the manufacturers website. As Agents we can supply all equipment and accessories.

Gas metal arc welding (GMAW) or MIG welding has simplified the process of welding and is said to be one of the easiest to learn and perform.  The power source does virtually all of the work and adjusts welding parameters to handle different conditions.

Because less skill is required many welders can operate at an acceptable level with limited training, however they are unable to identify inferior welds and correct problems.  Lincoln Electric have resource pages galore to help you understand common MIG problems and offer remedies to operators to help inexperienced welders create high quality welds.  So if you have a weld porosity issue, or improper weld bead profile or maybe lack of fusion then take a look at the help and tips available.

Wire feed units are key to MIG welders and faulty wire delivery could be caused by incorrect equipment set up and maintenance. If you have purchased your welding equipment from us, then please contact our Service Engineers who will be happy to help.  

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