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Lincoln leaders in Welding Equipment | Special pipeline welding machines

Lincoln Electric are leaders in Pipeline welding applications. Welding is the fundamental operation in pipeline construction


Drivers & Trends:
The increased use of high strength steel has been an important trend in the industry, minimising material- and freight cost and leading to more use of semi- and automatic welding processes. increased productivity by maximising the number of joints made in a day, while minimising welding failures best characterises Pipeline welding

Application Requirements:>
The industry covers a broad set of applications which include the mainline, tie-in and special pipe fabrication, pumping stations and Double Jointing applications. X65 steel is still broadly applied but X70 and X80 grades are common practice nowadays. Newer X100 solutions are also being developed. Welding consumables that provide matching or overmatching properties are required, depending on the applicable code or end-user specification. Very robust welding equipment that can withstand the tough conditions of pipeline welding are often used. It is essential that these requirements be met by a combination of products, solutions and support that can yield maximum productivity at minimum risk.

Recommended Products:

Invertec® STT® II with LF33 wire feeder
POWER WAVE® S350 + STT Module

Like to find out more? Please follow this link to Lincoln Electric pipeline welding section on their comprehensive web site. Want used equipment? search our site.

Getting Started in Pipeline Welding

In the construction industry, welders have some of the most coveted jobs. This is because they can negotiate for better benefits and higher pay thanks to having a difficult skill that is in high demand. Welders who work on pipelines often have to travel and have higher risk; this is also a skill that is in very high demand and not a lot of welders tackle it. Because of this, pipeline welders make an even higher salary.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that pipeline welding is a physically demanding job, working on-site with welder generators and lacking in home comforts. It's not something a couch potato will want to tackle! Make sure you include weights and cardio exercises in your workout regime to keep up your strength and stamina while you're on the job.

Make sure you are a certified welder before you try to get a job welding on a pipeline. Some people think they can be hired and just receive on the job training; they then give up after learning they have to already be certified. Once you are certified, you can become a welder's apprentice and get on-the-job training. You can ask around at local businesses to see if any welders might be willing to have an apprentice. If you can get some extra experience as an apprentice under your belt before you go and try to get a pipeline welding job you are much more likely to get the job. A year as an apprentice will really up your chances.

Are you looking for pipeline welding equipment?

We sell only the most reliable brands from reputable makes like Lincoln where parts can be obtained many years later. All machines are fully serviced to order, fully working and have a minimum of 4 months warranty.

Buying a used Lincoln welding equipment from us provides a fast solution for pipeline welding with great value. Looking for another brand? If it is made in Europe or North America we more than likely stock it. Use the search function to locate specific welders.

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