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Heinz Soyer are German and specialists of high speed fastening and stud welding technology.  For over 50 years they have manufactured everything from a min stud welder to high tech CNC stud welding. 

With any stud welder like a Soyer, metal fasteners such as weld studs, weld pins and tapped studs that need to be welded onto another metal object can be completed using an arc at lighting speed.  

Soyer has a range of CD and DA Soyer stud welding equipment. Capacitor Discharge (CD) stud welders are used in light engineering for office machinery, laboratory devices, household appliances and sheet metal processing.

Drawn Arc (DA) are more heavy duty and used for deck fasteners. This method of welding generates high-quality welds and is particularly suitable when high demands are relevant to safety regulations such a bridge and ship buildling and nuclear power plants. Learn more in our Guide on Deck welding

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Soyer History

Heinz Soyer GmbH was founded in Planegg near Munich on January 01, 1970 by Helga and Heinz Soyer.
In 1986, the first corporate building was constructed and the company relocated to Wörthsee-Etterschlag. The company’s own stud production was extended in 2002 to cope with the increasing demand for weld fasteners.

The range of New equipment includes:

Capacitor discharge stud welding (CD) – The proven technology
Ideal for thin-walled sheets at least 0.5 mm thick and when high demands are placed on an undamaged, decorative visible reverse side.
Application: Office machinery, laboratory devices, household appliances, sheet metal processing, vehicle construction, tool construction, metal construction


  • BMS-4 Akkumat
  • BMS-6 Iso 
  • BMS-8N | BMS-8NV 
  • BMS-9 
  • HesoMatic-9 
  • BMS-10N | BMS-10NV
  • BMS-10P
  • PS-0K 
  • PS-1 
  • PS-1K 
  • PS-1KI 
  • PS-2KS
  • PS-3K / PS-3K with support 
  • PS-3 / PS-3A 
  • PS-6A 
  • PS-9 / PS-9K

Drawn Arc Equipment

What is drawn arc stud welding?
In this welding process, a welding rectifier serves as a source of energy which provides continuous welding current and can be regulated in weld time and power. The welding time amounts to 0.1 - 2.0 seconds. Ceramic ferrules are usually used as auxiliary aids.

Where is drawn arc stud welding applied?
Owing to the increased weld penetration from approx. 1 - 3 mm, this method is mainly used for sheet metals with a minimum thickness of 2 mm. Drawn arc stud welding generates high-quality welds and is particularly suitable when high demands relevant to safety regulations are made on the welding quality. Application of this welding method has proven very successful in structural steel engineering, machine construction, shipbuilding, civil engineering, power plant and nuclear power plant construction, boiler construction, apparatus engineering, insulating engineering, reinforced pre-fabricated concrete construction etc.

Drawn arc stud welding (DA) – The conventional technology
Application: Construction of prefabricated parts made from reinforced concrete, door and window construction, structural and civil engineering, fixture construction, pipeline construction, machine construction, shipbuilding

Suited for thicker sheets of > 2 mm and when high demands relevant in terms of safety regulations are made on the welding quality.


  • BMK-12W 
  • BMK-16i 
  • BMH-22i
  • BMH-30i 
  • PH-3N
  • PH-3N SRM 
  • PH-2 
  • PH-4L 
  • PH-5L 
  • PH-3A 
  • PH-6A 

Stud welding heads

  • SK-1A The compact and sturdy SK-1A welding head with smallest possible dimensions
  • SK-5AN The new compact SK-5AN stud welding head with small-sized, slim design and low weight .
  • SK-5AP The new "intelligent" SK-5AP automatic welding head with microprocessor 
  • HSK-5L The HSK-5L stud welding head has been specially developed to be accommodated in stationary device

We have many other makes of Stud / Deck / Fastening equipment in stock. Please take a look at the Stud welders for sale today.

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