Lorch V 50 Compact TIG welding system

Lorch V 50 Compact TIG welding system

Product: 18304

Brand: Lorch

Model: V 50

Condition: New

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  • The V 50 is available as DC and AC/DC version on any performance output level. The V 50 stands out particularly with it's high stable arc. The arc shape is optimised for excellent cleaning effect the aluminium oxide layer
  • and for reduced noise alike when welding with AC. The AC/DC version has an automatic cap shaping function as well. It's square-wave current gives the V 50 additional boost and greatest arc stability when welding aluminium.
  • The high end technology inside the V 50 is protected by a robust industrial metal housing that is ideal for outdoor use. The fully resilient handles allow suspension of the power source from the crane and hold the welding cables.
  • The double gas cylinder safety devise maximises safety within the production environment.
  • Welding range 3~400V: 30-500A
  • Duty cycle AC 100% (40°c): 380A, 60% (40°c): 500A and at max.current (40°c) 60%
  • With V Standard that has a "3 steps and weld" operating concept, stepless current adjustment, digital volt amperage display, user focused operator guidance with illuminated symbols and welding sequence control
  • and tiptronic job memory for 100 welding tasks.

Package Includes:

  • Package includes:- NEW 4m gas cooled TIG torch (or water cooled TIG torch if cooling is supplied), single stage 2 gauge regulator (UK sales only), earth work lead and basic accessory starter kit.
  • 12 month warranty
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