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LMBA Finalist Badge International Trade Award


Refurbished Welding Positioner

This positioner was refurbished for a Client

BBC News Video

BBC news interviewing Peter Westerman on the business success

Longitudinal seam welder

Bode Seam welding machine

Messer Massive Dual Fuel plasma cutter

Messer MultiTherm 5000 CNC

Stud welding machine

Nelson Nelweld model 4000

Seam welding tanks and cylinders

Longitudinal seam welder

Kemppi welding machine demo

PSS5000 ac/dc tig welder

Miller Dynasty DX ACDC TIG

Butt Welder for solid sections or wire

BUGO welding tractor for seams

Polysoude Orbital TIG welder

Demo of closed head welding

New - 3500kg Welding Rotators

Carrying capacity 3500kg Always in stock

10mm stud welder in action

Taylor stud welder firing down 10mm studs

CobraTIG orbital welder

SMAW column and boom

Bode and Lincoln submerged arc

Orbital welding machine

Weldlogic Model STW 101

Longitudinal seam welder

Jetline seamer

Travelling Column and Boom

showing seam tracking

Orbital welder from AMI

Model 415 in action

Boom welding machine

With Lincoln welding equipment

cutting plate with plasma

Esprit CNC plasma cutter

tube to tube welding

demon of a Polysoude orbital

cooper heat pre heat welder

Cooper Heat a fun way to cook a full English!

Fusions Test with Orbital

Orbimatic Fusion weld test

Hydef CNC plasma cutter in action

See the clean cut of a Hydef machine

Weld Test AMI 207

AMI 207 orbital weld test controls

Submerged Arc Weld Test

ESAB DC welder subarc testing

Koco Stud welder

Stud welding with 12mm studs

ESAB A6 subarc tractor

SAW with esab tractor

SAW boom welder with camera

Column and Boom welder for SAW

Messer Cortina Profile Burner

Oxy-fuel plate cutting machine

SAF Air Liquide water bed

Plasma cutting on water bed

Edge controls on Esprit plasma

Cutting test before supply

Polysoude closed heads

GTAW orbital tube welding

Victor Thermal Dynamics

Cutmaster 40 manual plasma cutter in action

Fabris Bandsaw

Testing of Bandsaw

ArcGen Weldmaker

Welding Generator for site work

Victor Thermal Dynamics Water Mist

Water Mist technology on cutting system

Farley Wizard supplied by Westermans

Fitted with CNC and hypertherm plasma

Site welding Assistance

Use Mosa welding tower to light up site

Esprit with Hydef 4070

Hypertherm team with Esprit

Synergic MIG welding for the Pro

Fronius TransSynergic 4000 MIG welder

Fronius magicwave 3000 ac/dc

TIG welding test at 197 amps

Deck welder 12mm studs

Taylor Drawn Arc stud welder

Together We Weld the World
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