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Distributors of New, Used and Refurbished Burny Etek CNC control units for shape cutting machines


Suppliers and Buyers of BURNY Etek brand of control units for plate cutting machines

Lincoln Electric have acquired ITT - a company who have brands such as Burny and Kaliburn. This enables Lincoln Electric to progress into the CNC plasma profile cutting machinery.


Burny CNC Plasma Cutters
Burny CNC Profile Cutting Machines
Burny Gas and Plasma Cutting Equipment

Westermans International can recommend Burny Etek equipment as a top quality, reliable brand built to last.  Although a change of ownership, locations and products, this is not a problem for us.  We stock spares and parts for most of the burny rante.

Click here or use our search facility on the right to locate all Burny cutters in stock today.  Interested in any?  Call or email your request for immediate prices and details.

Plasma Cutting, CNC Plasma Cutters and CNC Controllers from Burny ITT / Cleveland Motion Controls

ITT is a full provider of CNC plasma cutting machines to both machine manufacturers and the end users. The complementary product lines of Burny units provide customers with a wide array of conventional and high current density plasma cutting equipment utilizing advanced CNC plasma cutting techniques. Burny also provides easy to use cnc cutting motion control solutions such as CNC plasma cutters, oxy-fuel cutting systems, and water jet cutting machines, as well as for routing, engraving and dispensing equipment. In addition to state-of-the-art PC-based CNC controls and drive systems, other Burny products include operator's consoles, torch height controls, nesting software, plate marking devices and pattern tracing systems for new and used shape cutting machines and CNC controllers.

Older, less efficient Shape Cutting Machines, built by virtually any OEM, can be updated with new Burny CNC systems to improve quality, increase throughput, and eliminate costly secondary processing. Extend the life of existing equipment without making a six figure investment. Contact us today to begin moving toward improved cutting productivity!

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Burny Etek equipment for Sale

Burny Operational Manuals available in pdf formats

Service and Repairs of Burny Etek CNC units
New and Used Burny spares

Burny 2.5
Burny 3
Burny 5
Burny 10
Replicator 1400
Replicator 1100
Burny Dagger NC
Burny 10 LCD Plus
Burny XL
Burny Phantom ST
Burny Phantom

PC, NC and CNC
Cantilever cutting machines
Portal Type Cutting Machines

Burny manufactures a complete line of cnc control shape-cutting solutions for oxy-fuel, plasma cutters, laser, and and waterjet cnc cutting machines; as well as for routers. These PC-based cnc controllers are used by industries worldwide for their automation needs.

In addition to state-of-the-art PC-based cnc controls and drive systems, Burny also supplies numerical cnc controls, operators consoles, torch height controls, plate marking devices, pattern tracing systems and software solutions for new and used cnc cutting machinery. In addition to PC-based systems, non-PC based cnc controls are also offered as an alternative option.

If you are not in the market for an entirely new machine, take advantage of modern capabilities at a fraction of the cost by employing a Burny Retrofit Product and Service Solution.

We are also interested in Trade In or Trade ups!

® with USB access

• Windows XP

• True multitasking

• Instantaneous part program downloads

• Easy-to-use touch-screen Interface

• On-screen direct CAD/CAM drawing imports

• Remote diagnostics


BURNY Shape-Cutting Motion Control


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For use with oxyfuel, plasma or water jet. Don’t hesitate! With over 50 years experience in the shape cutting industry, we are a world-wide supplier of Burny CNC controls and drive package solutions for shape cutting machines; new and old.

The BURNY Shape-Cutting Motion Controls are PC-based shapecutting controls with open architecture and Windows XP®-based motion control software. Take advantage of numerous other productivity enhancements:
Older, less efficient Shape Cutting Machines, built by virtually any OEM, can be updated with new Burny CNC systems to improve throughput and eleminate costly secondary processing.

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