Cutlass Stud Welding for machines, studs and fasteners

Cutlass Stud Welding with offices both in the UK and USA are manufacturers of CD and Drawn Arc Stud welding machines.

Cutlass also make under the brand studs, weld pins and hangers, short cycle and resistance studs and stud welding guns.

We buy and sell any Used or Secondhand Cutlass Stud Welding equipment. Please get in touch.

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The cutlass Stud Welding products range from CD Weld Studs and ARC Weld Studs, Clipper CD Stud Welding Equipment, Clipper CD Stud Welder Classic CD Stud Welding Equipment, Classic CD Stud Welder, ARC Stud Welding Equipment and ARC Stud Welders for Deck and Fastening welding solutions.

ARC Stud Welding Equipment

  • ARC 410 Stud Welder ARC 700 Stud Welder ARC 1200 Pro-D Stud Welder
  • Arc 410 ARC 410 PDF Arc 700 / 900 ARC 700 PDF Arc 1200
  • ARC Pro-D 1600 Stud Welder ARC Pro-D 2200 Stud Welder ARC Pro-D 2800 Stud Welder
  • Arc 1600 Arc 2200 Arc 2800 
  • Cutlass offers over 8 million weld studs in over 2,000 sizes in stock for immediate delivery CD, Short Cycle, and ARC Stud Welding Systems from portable to fully automatic CNC Systems
  • Insulation Weld Pins and Hangers
  • Speedfix Insulation Washers, Galvanized non return Washer, Insulation Weld PinsDomed Cap Washer, Capped Insulation Washer, Insulation Weld PinsMini Cupped Head Insulation Pins, Mini Chip Insulation PinsSelf Stick Insulation Pins L Weld Screw, Resistance Weld StudsShort Cycle Weld Studs, Short Cycle Weld PinsHW Resistance Weld Screws, Resistance Weld Studs, Ring Weld Resistance Weld Screw, RW Resistance Weld Screw, Resistance Weld Studs Short Cycle and Resistance Weld Studs
  • A wide range of insulation pins, hangers, and connectors in standard and custom sizes
  • Several standard and non-standard sizes in stock ready to ship, with custom sizing quickly available
  • Stud Welding Parts and Accessories
  • B Collet, Stud Welding AccessoriesFerrule GripStandard Adjustable Chuck, Insulation Collet, Stud Welding AccessoriesBrass Magnetic Collet, Insulation Collet, Insulation Accessories CD Stud Welding Guns, CD Stud Guns, ARC Stud Welding Guns, ARC Stud Guns Stud Welding Guns
  • Parts and Accessories for almost every make and model of CD and ARC Stud Welder
  • A range of stud welding gun options, from the lightweight PKM-1B to the heavy duty PHM-251
  • Cutlass Pinto CD Stud Welder Cutlass Classic CD Stud Welder Cutlass Classic+ / Signus CD Stud Welder Cutlass Clipper CD Stud Welder
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