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The more than 200-year history of the industrial corporation Georg Fischer impressively illustrates the constant change that the company has to confront if it is to remain successful over the long run. We buy and sell Georg Fischer weld prep tooling for tube and pipes.

Starting in 1802 the company now known as GF have GF Piping and GF Clean Water Foundation, a corporate social responsibility program to help improve access to clear drining water for some 300,000 people around the globe.

Sustainable use of water

The core competence of GF Piping Systems is the development, production and marketing of plastic and metal piping systems for the safe and secure transport of water, gas and other liquids in industry, utilities and building services.

Its product line includes fittings, valves, pipes, automation and jointing technology and covers all water cycle applications.

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1802 Laying the foundations in Schaffhausen

On 3 June 1802, the 29-year old Johann Conrad Fischer (1773 - 1854) bought a water-driven mill in the Mühlental valley near Schaffhausen (Switzerland). He used the mill as a copper smelting plant and works for developing new alloys.

1933 Acquisition of Britannia Iron and Steel Works Ltd.

Georg Fischer bought "Britannia Iron and Steel Works Ltd." of Bedford (England) and began to produce malleable cast iron fittings in Britain.

1952 150th anniversary

Georg Fischer held an enormous gala on the Herrenacker in Schaffhausen to celebrate its first 150 years in business and in the same year successfully began to develop and manufacture fully automatic casting and molding systems using the Bührer system.


GF Machining Solutions has agreed to purchase 100 percent of the shares of Microlution Inc., Chicago (Illinois, US), a specialist of micro-machining based on milling and laser technologies. More information

GF Piping Systems announces today the acquisition of PT Eurapipe Solutions Indonesia. It offers a unique platform for further growth in this important country. More information

GF Machining Solutions has received two major orders from well-known electronic device manufacturers. The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector is one of the key market segments of GF Machining Solutions. More information

Leading supplier of sustainable piping systems

GF Piping Systems is a leading supplier of piping systems made of plastics and metal. The division focuses on system solutions, high-quality components for the safe transport of water, chemicals and gas as well as corresponding services. Its product range includes fittings, valves, pipes, automation and jointing technologies and covers all applications throughout the water cycle.

GF Piping Systems supports its customers in over 100 countries through its own sales companies and representative offices. The division is present in Europe, Asia, and the Americas with more than 30 manufacturing sites and research and development centers, which also support energy-saving use of raw materials and resources.

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