Used Horizon Welding Fume Extraction Units Bought and Sold

Horizon International are an established world leader in dust extraction and fume extraction systems since 1969, and radiant heating since 1976.

Offering an extensive range of extraction equipment to manage all forms of industrial air pollution. The products include dust extraction and fume extraction units for a simple and effective solution. Where a more complex proposal is required Horizon also offer a bespoke design service to enable a tailored solution.

We supply Used Horizon Clean Air systems from mobile & portable extraction units, welding, oil mist and solder fume extraction, down draft benches through to multiple extraction points and general air cleaners. Utilising the latest electrostatic filtration technology and high effciency mechanical filter elements we can provide a Used Horizon solution to your fume extraction problems.


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Horizon International was formed in 1969 as a firm of air pollution control engineers. Design and installation of many forms of air pollution control were undertaken in the early years. During 1976 the first SMOG-EATER electrostatic air filter was introduced. Horizon International operates from Bristol, UK, where its headquarters and manufacturing facility are based. Horizon International is an ISO9002 registered company and all equipment is manufactured in accordance with current CE regulations.

Horizon International, as its name implies operates internationally in solving the problems of the working environment and is forward looking in the development of its products. Horizon products are designed to solve the problems of the working environment in a practical, economical and efficient way. Air cleaning products are designed, bearing in mind energy conservation and the facility to increase productivity, at the same time complying with legislation governing the provision of a clean, safe working environment.

Air Cleaning

As technology in industry achieves higher standards, increased production speeds etc, so increases the associated pollution emanating from machine tools and industrial processes. Without the correct application of properly designed air cleaning equipment, the resultant atmosphere would be intolerable. Horizon has worked for many years in the manufacture of and application of their clean air equipment to prevent air contamination. Horizon continue to work to improve their existing equipment, extend their range and innovate new ideas and technology to achieve the highest air cleaning standards. We must have clean air in order to live, there is no substitute. Fume Extractors Horizon manufacture a variety of fume extractors utilizing mechanical and electrostatic filters. They have been designed to suit many different applications including:

  • Soldering
  • Welding
  • Paint Spraying / Vapours
  • Oil Mist / Smoke
  • Vehicle Exhaust
  • Exhaust Ventilation

Dust Extraction Dust Extractors

Horizon dust extractors incorporate a wide range of mechanical filters, including when necessary high efficiency HEPA filters and carbon activated odour reduction filters. They have been designed to manage many forms of dust pollution and particulate sizes including:

  • Sanding
  • Grinding / Fettling
  • Fibre Glass / GRP
  • Wood / Metal / Concrete
  • Powders / Fibres
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