KOCO ELOTOP Model 6020 through-deck welding shear studs + connectors

KOCO ELOTOP Model 6020 through-deck welding shear studs + connectors

Product: 18388

Brand: Koco

Model: 6020

Condition: New

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  • The Koco Elotop 6020 stud welder makes the welding process easy when welding stud ranges between 6-25mm. Specifically developed for heavy-duty use on construction sites and continuous operation.
  • The high duty cycle, constant current control, and a microprocessor controller ensure that the Elotop series provide reliable welding results in the highest quality.
  • Weldable stud range 6–25 mm through-deck welding shear studs + connectors
  • Great self-diagnosis for overheating, short circuit control, mains phase failure and malfunction of pilot arc
  • Fully controlled power source with thyristor bridge
  • Microprocessor controlled and repeat cycle lock
  • Single Gun
  • Stud welding with ceramic ferrule, weldable stud range Ø (mm) 6–25
  • Short cycle stud welding, weldable stud range Ø (mm) 3–12
  • Stud welding with shielding gas, weldable stud range Ø (mm) 3–16
  • The stud welding machine acts as a welding current source and, together with a stud welding gun, is designed to mate cylindrical studs on metal surfaces (stud welding).
  • The largest of the Koco range of welding welding machines, the 6020 is predominantly designed for power and speed.
  • Weld Through welding
  • Weight (kg) 490

Package Includes:

  • 12 month warranty
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