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Koco Stud Welding and Fastening Equipment - Bought and Sold

Koco is a top quality Stud Weldig Equipment and Fastening technology manufacturer

The name is a world-wide renowned for reliable welding studs and stud welding technology for multiple applications.

KÖCO welding studs, shear connectors, threaded studs as well as stud welding equipment manufactured to a high quality and safety according to national and internationals standards.

The German company has been trading for around 60 years in a wide range of different applications, the team of engineers with technological competence means that Koco stud welding can offer any solution.

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Stud welding technology is used in many industries and Koco

Koster & Co are a Germany company who can help you achieve great welding results


Fields of Application
Structural Engineering / Steel Construction
Power Plants / Refractory Construction
Vehicle Construction / Rail Vehicles
Mechanical Engineering
Refractory Construction
KÖCO is much more than a manufacturer of Studs and Stud Welding Equipment being an innovative and competent manufacturer with years of experience

Product Range of Stud Welding Equipment

Welding machines with  tip ignition and drawn-arc ignition
INVERTER Range Weldable stud range ø 2-25 mm 
ELOTOP Range Weldable stud range ø 3-22 mm 
INOTOP Range welding stud range ø 3-25 mm
Welding Guns for Capacitor Discharge or Drawn Arc
Shear Connectors for composite construction
Obvious advantages of composite construction with steel and concrete:
High loading capacity at low construction heights (important for building construction)
For bridges with spans ranging from abt. 40 to 80 m often the most cost-effective solution
Wide spans possible, thus allowing large areas free of columns (important e.g. for multi-storey car parks)
High ductility of the structure, favourable in case of seismic stress
Simplicity of alteration to installations through clamping connections fitted to the steel beams
Good fire protection through encased steel beams or beams with concrete cores
Quick assembly similar to 100 % steel construction; the steel skeleton serves as a working platform
Easy to dismantle, steel and concrete are easy to separate
Secure connection between steel and concrete with the help of tested and certified welded-on shear connectors

We are always looking to buy surplus, redundant or excess stock of Koco stud welders  
Please contact our Buying Team if you have any machines to dispose of

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