Miller Engine Driven Welders - Refurbished & New

Engine Driven Welders incorporate a gas, diesel, or propane fueled engine coupled to an electrical generator to produce power for Stick, TIG, MIG and Flux-Cored welding. We buy and sell Miller diesel engine driven welders which are typically transported on a truck or trailer and are primarily used outdoors.

The electricity generated by an engine driven welder powers fans, pumps, air compressors or other electrical tools commonly found on jobsites. During power outages, an engine driven welder can also be used as a backup generator. Miller Electric have a range of new welder generators but our favourites are the Miller Big Blue and heavy duty, powerful designed for the professional.

The American made equipment from Miller as you can imagine is of the very best quality. the company are conitnually updated products to meet the demands such as pipeline welders. Miller is synonymous with BLUE. 

Current models of Miller electric engine driven welder generators include:

Fusion which is a lightweight package but still offers versatility and productivity.

Blue Star great for farms, maintenance and construction.

Bobcat is the most popular in the States but not so in Europe.

Trailblazer is compact and efficient on fuel and quieter that the others

Big Blue is a heavy duty powerful unit operating on low speeds. The diesel welder generator designed for professionals.

EnPak a fully intergrated power system allows you to turn off your truck and turn on your enPak, quite revolutionary.

If you want some help deciding if a Diesel welder generator is right for you why not read our helpful Blog?

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