Auto Cold Wire TIG Feed for AC/DC TIG Welding

Auto Cold Wire TIG Feed for AC/DC TIG Welding
Auto Cold Wire TIG Feed for AC/DC TIG Welding  Auto Cold Wire TIG Feed for AC/DC TIG Welding

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  • This unit is designed as an easy add on for all TIG welding machines & torches for hand welding or automatic welding of all metals. Ideal for many applications such as metal cladding, pipework,
  • vessels, aerospace engineering & any other application requiring high quality high production TIG welding.
  • Superb higher quality & faster TIG welding compared to conventional TIG. One handed TIG welding gives the operator more control of the job etc. Much higher productivity than using filler rods. Reduced cost & wastage of filler material.
  • Non stop welding possible eliminates messy stop starts points & defects. High repeatability due to very precise control. Reduces the skills needed to achieve top results.
  • Perfect for high production applications. Allows use of thinner filler wire than hand welding to give lower profile welds on thin material.
  • Wire starts & stops automatically when needed. Current sensitivity control to set wire start & stop level. Good linear control of wire feed speed.rse. Socket to connect remote controls (ideal for automatic applications)
  • Wire dabs in synchronisation with welding current on pulse. Variable pool delay timer allows weld pool to form before starting wire. Independent pulsing control allows wire dabbing independent of welding current.
  • Auto-retract for dabbing the wire into the pool on pulse & for perfect finishes. 4 roll drive system for powerful & accurate wire feeding. Cold wire inching forward & reve
  • Dual range current sensitivity to cover light welding & heavy applications up to 400A Connect to any TIG power source & torch in just a few minutes.
  • Options Digital meter to display wire speed speed etc. Remote control to give inch forward, reverse & control of speed or more complex remotes can also stop & start the power source & control the welding amps.
  • A basic TIG FEED is also available which is similar to above but start & stop of feed is done by a separate switch on the TIG torch & no pool timer or pulse or sensitivity controls are fitted
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