Tri Tools portable machine and welding products, built for tomorrow, are safer by design.

We are always looking to buy more Tri-Tool bits! The company started in 1972 and manufacture precision portal machine tools, automatic welding machines, pipe beveling machines and pipline facing equipment for both on and offshore pipe construction.

Tri Tool supports you with industry-proven products and services in the following industries: Plant Maintenance, Energy Generation, Process Piping, Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Government, Oil & Gas, Construction, Ship Building, Decommissioning, Nuclear.

A History of Tri Tool, Inc.

Tri Tool’s company history begins in 1972 being co-founded by Dr. George J. Wernette, a local general surgeon who teamed up with a welder and a machinist to design, build, and sell the first Tri Tool product. This original tool was designed for the construction of the Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Plant in California.

Building the first products in a garage, Tri Tool’s corporate facilities now encompass a 128,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility on 11 acres of land and has three locations strategically placed throughout the United States. 

Since the 70's Tri Tool has delivered on the winning combination of precision, performance and people: precision engineering; proven performance and innovation, and people who will always find a way to solve a customer’s problem, no matter how challenging. 

Today, Tri Tool enters a new era of delivering on safety. The newest portable machine and welding products, building for tomorrow, are Safer by Design: Safer to use without sacrificing all of the precision, power and performance you have come to expect from the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of precision portable machine tools, automatic welding machines, pipe beveling machines and pipeline facing machines.

Tri-Tool products ensure that you can do your job effectively, efficiently and safely whether that be for the offshore or onshore pipe construction, power, high purity, or the industrial plant maintenance markets.

Orbital Welding That is Engineered for Versatility

The AdaptARC automated welding machines offer the most advanced orbital and linear pipe welding systems for the professional welder. Designed for durability and versatility, the AdaptARC system offers multiple processes for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding pulsed spray (GMAW-P) and short arc (GMAW-S), and Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW).

Tri Tool’s mechanized orbital pipe welding systems are built to provide total control with dynamic configuration options

Tri Tool’s AdaptARC mechanized orbital welding system is designed to facilitate every aspect of the welding procedure. Use AdaptARC’s OrbitMASTER controller to modify short arc for open root welding and eliminate the time consuming hot pass.

Chaining and linking programs together allows the next program to begin at the end of the previous program. You can create a program that will put the root, hot pass, fill layers, and cap without stopping, shortening overall automated welding time.

DualARC – Multi-Process Weld Head for Both Precision Orbital and Linear Welding

The new DualARC Weld Head is a breakthrough in mechanized orbital tube welding. Its new design permits rapid change over from GTAW to GMAW. Automatic steering control provides precision non-symmetrical weld paths for saddle and other special shapes, and automatic rewind and bead placement.

The weld head traverses on modular guide tracks for accurate and solid positioning, optimal for narrow groove orbital welding. The DualARC Weld Head is perfectly matched to the OrbitMASTER controller for orbital welding system applications.

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