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Welding Positioner benefits from a Bespoke Refurbishment

White is not the standard colour for a dirty workshop environment, however a client of ours in the north of England with 50+ years’ experience supplying to a diverse range CNC metal spinning capabilities to the Power Generation, Aerospace, Medical, Defence, Oil and Gas and other High Integrity Engineering applications, requested it.

As a returning customers, they came to us looking for a solution to fulfil their current welding fabrication project. Time was of the essence. They also had a limited budget. We quoted them two or three options including refurbished and new welding positioners.

They ordered a refurbished unit that was to be colour coded to match their existing plant. This particular machine was made many years ago by UK company F Bode & Sons, the Staffordshire company were true British engineers and built positioners and rotators to the finest quality that were made to last.

Work commenced. The whole unit was stripped down in our workshop to the bare metal, sanded, primed and sprayed with 2 coats of textured paint in white grey. The table was removed and sent off to be re-skimmed. Our engineers replaced where necessary bushes and pinions. A new control cabinet with hydraulic delays to make more efficient was fitted along with new AC rotate motor with Inverter control for precise speed control and torque. New drive belts and new gear box seals completed with work on this hydraulic welding positioner.

Carrying out this thorough refurbishment gives confidence to both Westermans and the client. The brand new electrical control box with all new components have the added comfort of 12 month warranty on parts supplied and fitted. Production can remain at the optimum.

Buying refurbished plant is a win win situation for everyone.
The Procurement Department were happy with the investment of a pre-used welding positioner within a restricted budget.

The welders and platers got a fully functioning modern machine with new technology to keep production turning. We get to recycle and help with the environment.

If you think that we can help you either refurbished your own welding positioning machinery or would like a price on any used or refurbished welding positioners we have for sale, please get in touch.

Brands of welding positioners and other welding positioning equipment we buy and sell can be found here and includes Bode, ESAB, Pema, Silvistini, Red-D-Arc, Roto-Star and Muller Opladen


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