VRD300i- Voltage Reduction Device for MMA Welding

VRD300i- Voltage Reduction Device for MMA Welding

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  • VRD300i- voltage reduction device for MMA welding The VRD300i is an open circuit voltage reducer, designed for use with MMA welding machines to provide a low voltage of less than 24 volts DC at the electrode holder when welding is not in progress.
  • This reduces the risk of electric shock to the operator, which is especially important when welding in areas of increased hazard. The unit is designed to run off any AC or DC powersource
  • Features Technical specifications Inline open circuit reducer, which requires no auxiliary power supply.
  • Powersource OCV 50 – 100V AC or DC Open circuit voltage is less than 24 volts and always DC. Amperage rating 300A @ 60% AC or DC operation. 250A @ 100% AC or DC Reduced OCV
  • Less than 24 volts DC Inbuilt anti-stick circuit switches off power if electrode freezes in weld
  • Operating time T1 (Start time available after touch down) Operating time of unit to a safe voltage is within 0.3 seconds. 0 – 2 seconds Green light shows unit is ready to weld
  • Operating time T2 (time to reduce to safe voltage) Unit constantly monitors OCV, in the event of a fault a red 0.3 – 1 seconds light starts to flash. Designed to meet BS EN60974-1
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