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Yates Positioners and Rotators for Welding - Used & Refurbished

Yates Equipment for Positioning the work piece. We are looking to buy more Positioning equipment, the Yates brand has been around for many years and is solid and reliable. Yates Welding Rotators will rotate a length of pipe or vessel. Yates Welding Positioners will rotate and tilt your work piece controlled by foot control or remote pendant.

Yates was a great engineered product but no longer manufactured.

We do not worry about that as we refurbished Yates equipment adding new electrical controls units to bring them to current standards.

A Welding-positioner is an advanced implement that helps perform welding. It keeps in place the elements being welded, presenting the joint to the torch in the most useful position.

Normally this is the flat position, and it can be fixed in time. But positioners may provide some relative, progressive, smooth movement between the torch of a fusion welding head and the joint to be welded.

Yates Welding Rotators position and rotate the workpiece. They are usually motor driven with other idle (non powered) rotators working in tandem. 

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