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AMI Orbital Welding Machines in stock

AMI is a leading manufacturer in Orbital Welding Equipment for the Tube & Pipe industry.

Arc Machines, Inc (AMI) is an American company based in Pacoima CA, USA. 

If you want the best technology, components and back up choose AMI as your preferred brand of Orbital welder. Our search facility on the right will help to locate all new and used AMI welders in stock today or learn more on our Blog a Guide to Orbital Welding with a tutor and apprentice.

We can supply OEM parts and spares too as well as training, tuition and guidance on any tube to tube or tube to plate welding plant. Don't want to risk the capital outlay for such an amazing machine? Ask us about short and long term rental. However Used orbital welders are very affordable and lease options can be arranged. Interested? Ask for more details.

AMI's orbital pipe and tube welding equipment is used primarily in power plants, refineries, offshore oil platforms, boiler construction, ship-building and similar industries.

The equipment joins pipes to each other and to fittings using filler wire. Models range from those that weld small diameter joins (1 1/2") all the way up to those that weld the thickest piping at power plants.

We have the expertise and resources to fulfill all of your orbital welding requirements. With a large range of Hire Fleet AMI machines in stock to compliment our used range and new machines why not put us to the test?

Model 217 WDR

Model 217 WDR is a 100 / 150A programmable GTAW power supply. It is designed to work with all AMI’s orbital fusion weld heads and is capable of welding tube and thin wall pipe. WDR (Weld Data Recording): recording and saving weld data and exporting them to a storage device in their native or other file formats; saving project weld data records as a single file.

  • 12” color touch-screen display
  • Computer controlled internal memory for 1000+ weld schedules and up to 99 levels per schedule
  • Manual or automated weld procedure generation
  • Weld schedules: pulsed, step, no-pulsed, S3, and pulsed S3
  • H.F. arc starting
  • I.D. and O.D. gas pressure control and on-screen pressure monitoring
  • Fault detection: gas, coolant, arc voltage
  • Internal printer for print of schedule settings, and quantity of completed welds.
  • Digital weld head control to allow connection to weld heads from other manufactures.

Weld Heads - Tube to Pipe

Model No.9-250 9-500 9-750 9AFM-750 9-1500 9AF-1500 9E-1500 AFM-1500 9-2500 9AF-2500 9E-2500 9-3500 9E-3500 9-4500 9E-4500 9ER-4500 9E-7

current stock of AMI orbital welders for sale

Pipe Weld Heads

  • Model 2, Modular Production Welding Systems
  • Model 15, Large-Diameter Pipe Weld Head
  • Model 15, Narrow-Gap Torch
  • Model 81, Small-Diameter Pipe Weld Head
  • Model 83 Elbow-to-Elbow Welder
  • Model 79 Series, Full-Function Weld Heads
  • Model 95 Series Open-Frame Heads
  • Model 43, I.D. Pipe Weld Head
  • Model 94, I.D. Spiral Cladding Weld Head
  • Model 72, Valve Repair Weld Head
  • Model 73, Small Bore I.D. Pipe Weld Head

Narrow Groove welding - Orbital welder
Orbital welding equipment to weld regular and multilayer high-chromium steel for power generation boilers, stainless steel for nuclear power generation equipment, Inconel® alloy and other high-alloy steels, and thick-wall stationary pipes. This process allows uniform welding with first-layer penetration in all positions. The wire feed and base metal fusion rates can be controlled independently, allowing the operator to select from a range of welding parameters.

Inside Diameter Welding
Special Inside Diameter (ID) orbital welding heads for cladding or welding from the inside diameter of pipes. Sophisticated heavy duty weld heads with AVC, Oscillator, and tilt functions that can be used with a wide variety of AMI torches and video monitoring systems. The weld heads are water cooled and are designed to allow easy set-up and operation. ID weld heads are often used for narrow gap welding of heavy wall pipes and cladding of pipes. Cladding heads are fully integrated and can be equipped with custom torch configurations.

Fusion Welding
AMI manufactures and sells the most extensive line of automatic orbital welding systems in the world. Our fusion tube and thin-wall pipe welding systems are designed to meet or exceed the critical welding specifications of industries as diverse as aerospace, bio-pharmaceutical, semiconductor, nuclear, food/dairy/beverage, and other industries and applications requiring high-quality sound and sanitary repetitive welds with 100% penetration.

Tube to Tube-sheet Welding
Tube to Tubesheet weld heads for autogenous or with filler wire welding. Weld heads can be configured with a wide selection of torches and configurations to match all common tube sheet design. AVC function is standard on the more complex heads. AMI’s proven tube sheet weld heads provide productivity and ease of operation for our customers. Quick set-up, precision, and durability make the AMI weld heads the tube sheet manufacturers’ first choice

Integrated Welding Systems
Non-orbital, or fixed-head, automated welding systems for welding or cladding. A wide selection of AVC and Oscillator slides that can be configured to match the needs of the application. Turn-key welding packages include AVC, oscillator, wire feeder, power supply and touch screen controller. The weld heads can be easily integrated with the client’s existing positioners, manipulators, or other fixtures. On request, AMI can supply a welding system that includes the welding fixture or the positioning equipment

Thanks to its ability to realise high purity results, orbital welding found its place in the production of clean-room components for the semiconductor industry. Its application has now expanded to the construction of pipework and equipment for diverse industries like food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemical engineering, automotive engineering, biotechnology, shipbuilding and aerospace. Automated orbital TIG welding is also used in the construction of power stations, (thermal power plants). The construction materials used must be able to withstand the enormous mechanical loads produced by the high pressures and temperatures created by the media carried in the tubes. Notches, pores and inclusions in the weld seams must be avoided at all costs, as these create weak points that can lead to subsequent formation of cracks, which in turn can have serious consequences in terms of component failure. This means that tubes are often made from nickel-based materials with walls up to 200mm thick. One manufacturer has developed an orbital narrow gap welding system with hot-wire feed specifically for this purpose, which uses running gear that moves on a guide ring fixed around the tube. This new variant has excited a lot of interest in the sector, with the worldwide boom in power station construction fueling the never-ending search for increasingly productive manufacturing methods using new types of high-temperature steels.

AMI orbital equipment can also be used to manufacture the following products Process Towers, Chemicals Reactors, Silos, Storage Tanks, Heat, Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Pipelines , Ovens, Structural Steel, Columns Process and Biodiesel Plants

About Arc Machines Inc

Arc Machines, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes the world’s broadest and most advanced range of automated orbital welding equipment. Founded in 1976, AMI is headquartered in Pacoima, CA with offices in Switzerland, Germany, and the UK plus an extensive network of domestic and international representatives in more than 50 countries across all continents.

With a reputation for outstanding QUALITY, DURABILITY and FUNCTIONALITY, Arc Machines, Inc. specialises in the design and manufacture of precision, highly automated, stable welding systems including welding power sources, control systems, electro-mechanical torch manipulation devices (weld heads) and arc-zone vision systems.

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