Edwards British Machine Tools for Sale - Refurbished

J. Edwards - This firm manufactured mostly Sheet Metal Machinery, but also sold Woodworking and other Metalworking machines with their name on them.  They were probably best known for the Besco range of sheet metal working machinery and machine tools, introduced in the 1930s. During the early 1920s their London office was at No. 406, Euston Road, later moving to Edwards House, Nos. 359-361, Euston Road,  London.

They traded as Besco Machines and Tools and supplied many industries with sheet metal working machinery, woodworking machinery and metal folding machines.

In the early 1900s there were a few large engineering companies with sufficient knowledge and industrial expertise to produce the vast castings required. Edwards was one such firm, marketing the equipment from their London premises. Kendrick, and Ranalah where also well known manufacturers from around 1920 onwards, producing machines with throat sizes of up to 48 inches (120cm), primarily aimed at the aviation industry. 

Most of those early machines still remain in use to this day. FJ Edwards are widely respected machines.  Some of these machines are nearing a century old obviously wear out, but as with most good quality British engineering, these machines can be brought back to life by replacing worn or missing parts, as the components tend to be fairly simple to reproduce.

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