Kemppi MIG Welders For Sale

With Headquarters in Finland, Kemppi are renowned for manufacturing MIG welding equipment to the highest of standards.  We have been selling both new and used Kemppi mig welders for over 3 decades.  

Versatile metal inert gas welding machines (MIG) is the process of using electricity to melt and join pieces of metal together.  Kemppi has now a range of light and heavy duty machines which include the X8, FastMig x, FastMig M and X3 MIG. Sounds like the models are a certain car maker!  

We buy and sell older models of Kemppi MIG welding machines which include the PSS, PS, Kempact, and Kemppi Pro and MiniArc.

Kemppi History

Kemppi is a pioneering company within the welding industry.  Headquartered in Lahti, Finland, Kemppi employs over 800 welding industry experts in 17 countries

The Finish business has products that will be a solution to your welding project.  Intelligent equipment, welding management software and expert services - for both demanding industrial applications and ready-to-weld needs. 

The most popular new model we are asked for is the FastMig M series.

This offers a combination of modularity, ease of use and wide range of usage. These machines pack huge duty cycle performance into compact lean dimensions and weight, increasing productivity and work site mobility.

In industrial MIG/MAG welding, FastMig M is the well known high-technology alternative. Its control technology ensures excellent arc ignition and welding performance, so you spend more time welding and less time removing spatter.

There are two product package options from which you can select the optimal for your welding application: the synergic package for demanding advanced use, and the regular one for basic use. Whenever your application changes, you can update your FastMig M setup to go along with your production needs.

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