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Murex Welding machines | New, Used and Refurbished for sale and wanted

We recommend the Murex brand of Welding and Cutting Products



Murex welding equipment
Murex arc welders
Murex cutting machines
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Westermans International can recommend Murex welding machines and equipment as a top quality, reliable brand built to last.

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Murex welding equipment


MIG/MAG welding equipment - see other brands here

Tradesmig 141, 171, 201 & 251

Amp range:
141 – 35-130
171 – 30-170
201 – 30-200
251 – 40-250

Tradesmig 280-3
Amp range:
Transmig 300C & 350C
Amp range:
300C – 30-280
350C – 40-340
Transmig 326S, 406S & 406SW
Amp range:
326S – 40-320
406S – 50-400
406SW – 50-400

Transmatic Wire Feed Units

Transweld Challenger 400
Amp range:

TIG/GTAW welding equipment - see other brands here

Tradestig DC150 & DC220
Amp range TIG:
DC150 – 3-150
DC220 – 3-220
Tradestig AC220 & AC220a
Amp range TIG AC/DC:
Transtig AC/DC 203iS & 353iS
Amp range:
203is – 4-200
353is – 4-350
MMA welding equipment

Tradesarc DC150
Amp range:
Tradesarc DC200
Amp range MMA:
Transarc DC250
Amp range MMA:
Transtig DC300 & DC300W
Amp range TIG:

History of Murex
Murex Welding Products are today part of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of welding products and have a highly successful history extending over a period of time.
At its UK headquarters in Waltham Cross Hertfordshire, Murex Welding Products have a team of highly experienced and qualified staff who are always available to offer help and advice on all aspects of welding and cutting.
The name Murex is the generic name of a large group of attractive tropical shells which have an ancient and distinguished history. Murex started in 1909 in Rainham, Essex and were refining metallurgists.
Among the products which were produced were metal alloys in powder form which were suitable for inclusion in the coatings of welding electrodes.
It was natural therefore that Murex showed an interest in firms who were producing welding electrodes and in due course they acquired two companies. These companies were amalgamated into one in the early 1930’s under the name of Murex Welding Processes.
In 1937 the Hertford Road, Waltham Cross factory was built and in 1938 Murex Welding Processes moved in and commenced manufacture of large amounts of welding electrodes at the factory.
Murex continued to grow and in 1956 the Saffire revolution started with its safety first principle – “Make it safe – Keep it Saffire”.

In 1982 ESAB purchased what was now Murex Welding Products and for the first time in very many years Murex became part of a company whose only interest was welding thus becoming part of a leading player in a global market. Today, still based in Waltham Cross, Murex Welding Products offer a comprehensive range of arc and gas welding and cutting products, welding consumables and personal protective equipment and welding accessories.
Explanation of Terms
MIG (Metal Inert Gas) – In the MIG process the heat generated by an arc, formed
between the end of a consumable filler wire and the workpiece, is used to fuse the
joint area. The filler wire is fed continuously, through a contact tube or tip into the arc
area. The arc is formed in an inert gas which prevents oxidation of the weld, assists in cleaning, determines the heating characteristics of the arc and the mode of transfer.
TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) – In the TIG process the heat generated by an arc, formed between the end of a tungsten (non-consumable) electrode and the workpiece, is used to fuse the joint area. The joint may be formed by either melting the butting edges together without adding filler rod (autogenous weld), or by feeding the filler rod into the molten pool.
MMA (Manual Metal Arc) – is a process in which an electric arc is struck
between two metals (the workpiece and the consumable electrode). The heat
generated by the arc is sufficient to melt both metals and the metal from the
consumable electrode is deposited on the workpiece by gravity and/or ‘arc force’.
SINGLE PHASE – 230v AC single phase supplies are readily available in most
locations and ideal for use in areas that do not have a three phase supply available.
THREE PHASE – 400v AC three phase supplies allows increased electrical power to
be delivered in smaller sized cables. The three phases provide maximum power at
different times to provide a stable supply.
Amps (AC/DC) – Current in AC mode switches between positive and negative
values at a preset frequency. The alternating effect of the current helps break down
the oxide formed on aluminium to allow it to be welded successfully.
DC (Direct Current) – mode delivers a continuous positive current flow to the arc.
In most DC TIG applications the electrode will be connected to the negative pole to
concentrate more heat on the material being welded to allow a weld pool to establish.
PFC (Power Factor Correction) is used to minimise the amount of power drawn
from the main input supply by introducing a primary inverter to the machine to
balance the current draw with the input voltage.
BURNBACK allows a delay time to be set between the wire feed stopping and the
arc extinguishing. The result will be that the wire will ‘burn off’ and not stick into the
welded material when the weld cycle is stopped.
ARC PLUS is an arc regulator that is built into the software of the machine. The ArcPlus Regulator constantly monitors the welding arc and adjusts the arc condition to stabilise the arc. The ArcPlus regulator ensure that a smooth arc condition is maintained while welding to produce a consistent welding profile with minimal spatter.
LIVE TIG is a switchless HF-free arc initiation system that minimises weld contamination at arc start. In LiveTIG mode the tungsten electrode is fed with a small electrical charge, which the machine will sense when the tungsten makes contact with the work piece. When contact is sensed the machine will establish the arc as the tungsten is withdrawn from the material.
HF TIG – High Frequency (HF) is used when initiating the arc in the TIG process to eliminate tungsten contamination at arc start. HF systems use a high energy starting system which allow the arc to be establish without the need for contact between the tungsten electrode and parent material.
QWAVE is an optimised AC square waveform, which incorporates the advantages of a sine waveform. By rounding the leading edge of the square wave the physical noise level is reduced and stepping the acceleration between positive and negative keep the arc stable without the need for a continuous high frequency.
Technical Data
Duty Cycle – The duty cycle refers to the time as a percentage of a
ten-minute period that you can weld at a certain load without
overloading. The duty cycle is valid for 40°C.
Enclosure class – The IP code indicates the enclosure clas, ie the
degree of protection against penetration by solid objects or water.
Equipment marked IP23 is designed for indoor and outdoor use.
Application class – This symbol indicates that the power source
is designed for use in areas with increase electrical hazard.
Mains supply, Zmax – Maximum permissible line impedance on the
network in accordance with IEC 61000-3-11.
More detailed specification on the medium to heavy use of current Murex welding machines

Murex Transmig 326S, 406S & 406SW are industrial 3-phase flat
characteristic power sources for MIG/MAG welding with solid or cored wires.
They are normally used together with a Murex Transmatic Lynx wire feed unit for dip through spray transfer processes. Transmig 406SW incorporates a MIG torch water cooling unit. The machines use simple 3-phase switch and tap technology to produce rugged and reliable machines for industrial welding applications up to 400A.
Excellence in MIG/MAG/FCW welding performance
Rugged upright small footprint industrial machines
Proven simple and reliable tapped designs
As many as 40 voltage selections for very fine control
Digital meters standard with Last Reading Hold feature
Wide range welding perform from 50A right up to 400A at 50% duty with 406S
Optional inlet air filter
Operate from standard 415V 3-phase industrial electricity supplies
Superior arc striking characteristics for tack welding applications
Full 2 year on-site warranty
The Transmigs are constructed in a tall and narrow all metal format resulting in reduced floor-space. Combined with either the proven Murex Transmatic Lynx 2 or 4HD wire feed unit and the relevant MX MIG torch, the Transmig 326S,
406S or 406SW power sources form the 5 familiar Murex MIGPAK industrial MIG package series.
Note each Migpak is supplied with standard 5m interconnections.
40 Voltage selections (4x10) in combination with 2 levels of inductance give very precise control of the welding setting and the excellent welding characteristics of the previous models have been retained. Both 326S and 406S/SW have digital volt and amp meters with Last Reading Hold as standard and are supplied with removable gas cylinder trays, feeder swivel mounting post and work return lead.
The Transmatic Lynx 2 and 4HD are feed units designed for use in MIG/MAG welding installations to feed hard, soft or tubular (cored) wires.
Proven high precision 2 or 4 roll wire drive mechanics in combination with rugged and powerful Electrolux motors provide positive and consistent wire feed. Operating from safe extra low voltage 42Vac supplies the electronic speed control provides accurate and reproducible feed speed as well as facilities like inching, gas purging, 2 or 4 stroke torch switch modes and pre/post flow functions. As a further refinement, Murex incorporated selectable wire acceleration, giving improved arc starting performance for aluminium and flux cored wires.
2 and 4 roll drive models
Fully enclosed electronic control module
Tried and tested high torque Electrolux motors
Replaceable motor brushes
Floor standing, swivel post mountable or suspended(optional hanging bracket)
Operator accessible burn-back control
Wire acceleration control for improved arc striking
CE approved
The casework design of all the Transmatic Lynx wire feed units, provide good  operator access and visibility of the drive mechanics and internal control facilities. The top of the feeders are radiused, and the access door hinges upwards.
The burn-back control is on the internal divider panel eliminating the need to ‘go hunt the screwdriver’!
The Transweld Challenger 400 is a step switch power source designed for MIG/MAG welding with the Transmatic 4C wire feed unit.
The units are robust industrial MIG welding packages designed for use in a wide range of general fabrication applications. The Transweld Challenger 400 power source and Transmatic 4C wire feed unit are both constructed using a sturdy galvanised case. The 4 wheel feed mechanism of the Transmatic 4C has grooved feed rollers and an idle pressure roller for positive and stable feeding.
The power units are fan cooled and equipped with thermal overload protection. The machines can be fitted with an instrument that displays current and voltage. It incorporates a hold function and can be calibrated.
Ideal for welding applications within the general steel fabrication sector
Available with or without digital meters
Supplied complete with fitted undergear
Fitted with IEC 3 phase mains plug
Equipped with wire inch and gas purge
Suitable for wire diameters 0.6mm to 1.6mm
Electronically controlled feeding provides stable and consistent results
Industry beating 40 voltage steps for accurate setting
Transmatic 4C designed to meet the most rigid safety standard IEC/EN 60974-1
Designed for the craftsman welder, the Murex Tradestig AC220 and AC220a offer the complete solution for a wide range of TIG welding applications.
These compact units with their impact resistant polymer cases are light and east to carry, yet robust enough for use in the toughest of industrial environments. Just as important is the fact that the compact design does not compromise cooling. Large heat sinks provide a cool running machine and the carefully thought out internal design helps to protect the sensitive internal components from dust and dirt to give a longer working life.
Compliance with IP23 gives you the assurance that these Tradestigs can be used out of doors – even in the rain.
Designed for quality TIG welding with all types of material
QWave™ for high arc stability and low noise levels in AC
Pulse TIG, AC Balance and AC Frequency controls on the AC220a
True MMA welding characteristics in AC and DC modes – Hot start, Arc Force and polarity switch (DC)
Two program function, allowing pre program and program change during welding
Electrode preheating for excellent weld starts and extended electrode life
The control panels of both Tradestigs have all the necessary functions for DC and AC/DC TIG and MMA welding. With the Tradestig AC220, all you need to do is set the plate thickness on the control panel and the machine will do the rest,
however you can still control the welding current, slope down and post-gas manually.
The AC220a control panel has several advanced functions including Pulse TIG, AC Balance, to control arc cleaning and penetration and AC Frequency, to control arc width. You are also able to control electrode preheating, for different electrode profiles and improved starts. In both DC and AC modes these units provide excellent arc strike and a consistent, stable arc. All types of material and thickness up to 5mm can be welded.
The Murex industrial Transtig AC/DC machines provide the best in TIG or MMA welding in either AC or DC process modes. Based on high frequency switching inverter technology, in combination with a software driven microprocessor based controller, they provide the ultimate in precision adjustment and control of welding parameters, and superb AC or DC performance.
With a host of benefits like AC TIG without the need for continuous HF for arc maintenance, balanced electricity supply line draw, high efficiency and power factor, full pulsing facilities, digital metering of both welding current and voltage etc
these machines offer unrivalled excellence.
The Transtig AC/DC 203iS and 353iS are designed, manufactured and fully tested to meet with the requirements of BSEN60974-1 “Safety Requirements for Arc Welding Power Sources” and also comply with BSEN50199 covering
Electromagnetic Compatibility.
Transtig Trolley Unit
The Transtig Trolley provides a convenient and safe way of transporting the Transtig AC/DC 203iS or 353iS power sources. The trolley has provision to carry the power source, water cooler and full size argon cylinder. The 203iS & 353iS power
source sits at a convenient height and angle allowing clear visibility of, and access to, the operator controls. A convenient handle and large rubber wheels make moving the equipment around the shop easy.
Trancool 351 Water Cooling Unit
This high efficiency torch water cooler has been designed for use with the Transtig AC/DC 203iS or 353iS TIG welding equipment and trolley unit, although it can also be used as a free standing unit with other similar welding plant. It operates from 230V single-phase electricity supplies (6.3A fuse). The all metal enclosure contains a moulded coolant reservoir tank, a reliable and powerful pump/motor assembly, a cooling fan and radiator, and water flow detection circuitry.
State of the art 200A or 350A rated TIG/MMA equipment
Unsurpassed welding characteristics and performance AC or DC
Preset digital setting of all welding parameters, current, slopes and pulsing detail etc
High visibility LED display of welding voltage, current, times, frequencies etc
Powerful non-contact or lift-arc TIG arc initiation
Both balance and frequency control for AC TIG
Run all types of MMA electrodes (AC or DC running types) including cellulosics
Full remote control facilities with variable start point current
Optional Transcool 351 TIG torch water cooler with audible low flow alarm
Optional Transtig Trolley unit to carry power source, water cooler and gas cylinder
Comply fully with all new safety directives – Low Voltage, EMC etc

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