Used Plate & Pipe Bevelers for welding projects

Do you need to prepare plates and pipes before welding?  Then learn more about Bevelers here

The definition of a bevel in welding is an angled flat surface at the end of the material, an inclined shape that needs to be formed on one or both sides of the plate or pipe.

Some plates of steels are so thick it would be a near impossibility to get a good weld if you did not carry out a weld preparation such as giving the material a bevelled edge.  Bevelling with plate or pipes is usually carried out on plates thicker than 4mm and then welding can be carried out.

This material to be welded is often a plate or pipe of steel, mild steel or aluminium.  The opening made gives the welder access to the total thickness material wall and allows him to create a uniform weld using multiple passes which guarantees the mechanical properties of the materials.

Beveling involves the removal of metal from the edges of the two pieces of metal being joined. This removal may be accomplished through hand grinding, machining, flame cutting, or waterjet cutting. Generally, metal fabricators use whichever method will grant the fastest and most economical results. Hobbyist would probably benefit from grinding bevels with a angle grinder or bench grinder as this is the cheapest and easiest method.

Learn more from the Canadian Welding Bureau on Which Plate Thickness needs to be beveled with some good diagrams to help you decide.



What is the purpose of beveling steel plate or pipe?

The purpose of beveling the plate is to allow the first pass to penetrate through the full thickness of the metal. By thinning the edges of the metal to thinner than the penetration depth, full penetration can be achieved.

You will find a wide choice of good plate and pipe bevelers and preparation equipment from various worldwide manufacturers such as Gullco Automation and GBC

Often used in steel construction environments for bevelling strips and panels. Achieving complete joint penetration welds require accurate and consistant bevels that fall within the groove tolerance. Plate bevelers can either bevels the topside or plate or the underside.

An inacurrate bevel could create costly problems such as lack of fusion, burn through and over welding.

By far the most widely used material for building the world’s infrastructure and industries steel is used to fabricate everything from oil tankers, shipbuilding, construction to mechanical equipment using plates of steel where bevelers are widely used.

Plate Bevellers have the benefit of no thermal distrortion on mild steel, stainless or aluminium.

Manufacturers of new beveling equipment include Gullco, Baileigh, TAG and Westermans International has been serving the metalworking industry for decades by buying and selling all makes of plate bevelers and weld preparation equipment. 

Please contact us if you have any plate beveling equipment to sell.

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