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British Made VBC Instrument Engineering Positioners and Lathe Welding Equipment

VBC Instrument Engineering is a long standing British manufacturing company that has been supplying welding machines, turntables, lathes, positioners fully automated welding systems, manipulators and welding equipment to the aerospace and oil and gas industries together with the medical, food, sensor and general manufacturing markets for over 35 years. 

VBC Instrument Engineering specialise in the supply, design and manufacture of welding manipulators and fully automated welding systems. All machines are made in-house in the factory in Wellingborough, UK. All manipulators can be used with TIG, Plasma, MIG or Laser welding process applications.


Welding Lathes

Our range of welding lathes vary from bench top systems to multi- ton capacity. Thus tube welding to offset diameter pipe welding can be performed. Whilst the smaller lathes tend to be supplied as a standard system, they can be modified to fit the customers requirement. The larger lathes are usually design to suit a particular requirement using our range of standard systems as a template.

Heat Management, Interpulse & Plasma Systems

These precision welders are designed and manufactured by VBC Instrument Engineering. They are classified as High Grade Precision machines usually used where quality part work is required. By supplying low heat input whilst welding, high quality welds with minimal distortion, porosity are easily achievable. These machines are primarily used to weld "difficult to weld alloys" crack free or titanium without the need of a trailing shield or argon chamber. They use standard weld torches and consumables and are designed to be easy to use. See for yourself the results reported by Sheffield University on our news page after studying and testing this technology on one of ourHeat Management Systems! 

Welding Turntables

The VBC Instrument Engineering turntables range from 50kg to multi ton capacity. There is a choice of backing purge or hollow shaft systems which can be controlled by either manual or automatic interfaces. We have been manufacturing turntables since 1977 and often make them to the individual customers specifications. Please ask our engineers.

Tilt Turn Tables, Cantilever Frames & Assisted Hinges

Tilting frames allow the turntable to be manipulated so that the weld can be carried out at the correct angle. There are a range of positioners which tilt from turntable (horizontal) to Headstock (vertical) orientation. Systems from hand lifting tilt, gearbox rotation or motorised units are available. 


Together We Weld the World
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