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Used and Refurbished Weldlogic welding systems - Sales and Purchases. Weldlogic is a market leader supplying products & solutions for micro-joining applications in a broad range of industries; including sensors, aerospace, medical, nuclear, micro-electronic, battery & motorsport.

Whether customisation of standard equipment or full turnkey automated machinery is required, Weldlogic has the answer. For over 25 years have led the market with innovations in the field of micro-TIG & micro-Plasma welding and state of the art Linear and Computerised power sources are capable of delivering precise current, voltage & travel over programmable weld schedules.

The Weldlogic covers a range of welding lathes, manipulators, turntables and linear seam welders.

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Weldlogic is a California-based company that designs and manufactures quality automatic welding and roll forming system solutions. 

Weldlogic engineers custom design specific features into Seam Welders, Roll Forming Systems & Welding Lathes to satisfy manufacturing requirements.

With 35 years in this specialty business they provide solutions that meet or exceed customers’ requirements. They have a full line of highly evolved standard products and offer custom designed solutions through the Engineering Department for those manufacturers that require a specialized system solution. The welding and forming lab is staffed with engineers and technicians to assist you in selecting and demonstrating the best process for your specific application and budget.

Seam Welders

  • Standard Precision Longitudinal Seam Welders
  • Automatic – Precision Longitudinal Seam Welders
  • Continuous Flow – Precision Longitudinal Seam Welders
  • Combination Roller-Seamer Packages
  • Bench-Top Longitudinal Seam Welders
  • Precision Welding Lathes

With 35 years experience in designing and manufacturing welding lathes, Weldlogic sets a new standard in the positioner design. PWL Weld Lathes provide the most versatile, precision and rugged welding platform in the industry. The innovative steel tube back bone construction provides a rigid open work area for part loading and automatic upgrades. The torch tower is the most versatile available with features like air positioning (in/out) a motorized carriage along the bed plus adjustable slide and rotary positioner allowing torch entry from any angle. The air controlled tailstock provides clamping forces up to 170 pounds for holding part during welding and can be locked into position anywhere along the lathe bed.

Welding Power Supplies

  • xp-2000_med
  • PA-10/100
  • Microscope Welding Systems
  • AWS-200
  • AWS-400
  • XP-2000
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